January 14, 2009


Never say I love you,
If you really don't care...

Never talk about feeling,
If they really aren't there...

Never hold ny hand,
If u gonna break my heart...

Never say you are going to,
If you don't plan to start...

Never look into my eyes,
If all you do is lie...

Never say hi,
If you really mean goodbye...

If you really mean forever,
Then say you will try...

Never say forever,
'Cuz forever makes me cry....


  1. lovely flow !!! and perfect feelings for anyone :)

  2. Sigh! I know what you mean... I loved the last lines! It was what I actually said to some1 once!

  3. i will say i love you,
    i will indeed hold your hand,
    never will i break your heart,
    thats where our friendship stands.

    i will say it with feeling,
    i will say it because i care,
    i will look into your eyes,
    and with you my heart i'll share.

    if i say i am going to,
    i will fulfil it very soon,
    i dont believe in lying friend,
    your friendship is to me a boon.

    i will not lie to you, friend,
    i say only what i do mean,
    if i shall enter your life,
    i will steal your heart unseen.

    if i am indeed your friend,
    i'll try never to make you cry,
    i want to see that smile always,
    from now until i die.

    i will not go from your heart,
    even if you throw me out,
    i shall be there, a stone's throw away,
    you want me, you just shout.

    i want to be friends with you,
    so now i say to you, hi,
    if our friendship does like flower bloom,
    i dont think i shall ever say goodbye.

  4. lovely reply Leo !!! the best anyone can say :D

  5. Awww Leo! I love you for this comment :)

  6. @rashi

    at some time of our lives v always say this to ppl v love...cuz we dnt want them to hurt us...thanks a lot dear...

  7. @ leo

    i am speechless....all i can say is thanks

    like rashi n prats say...its just commendable...

  8. @tweety: hey I am speechless for the fact that this is a very famous poetry.. and i remember reading it somewhere.. but nevertheless its wonderful reading it here...
    a very strong message to all those who fake their emotions..
    p.s. i had sent this poem to a friend of mine and this poem took our friendship to an amazing level.. that's y i remember this poem so well.. :)
    but thank you for bringing back the beautiful memories attached with this poem.. :)

  9. beautiful yaar....shud say that the poem flow really was fascinating.. liked....

    never say you a bad poet ( even if u say)..
    coz we knw how gud u r in poems

  10. wonderful poem...sweet, short and full of meaning

    u really inspire me to write one poem

  11. ste, when did shweta say she was a bad poet?? i cant find it in the post anywhere...

    enlighten me plz...! :D


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