January 14, 2009

26 going on13-II

The next thing I knew was that a strong set of shoulders were picking me up. I could sense chaos all around but had no will to open my eyes. Suddenly, I remember Ma and forced my eyes open. What I saw I could not believe. It was. No it couldn't be. But he looks like him. A little older maybe. Ohh there comes that weak in the knees again. I slump down once again.

This time when I wake up I see Ma next to me.

"I thought you were coming here to see me. What happened?" she asks.

"What happened? I have no idea," I say weakly.

Suddenly coming to my senses, I ask her, " How are you? What did the doctors say? Are you ok?"

"Nothing happened to me. Yesterday was Monday and so I fasted and Sunday was Sankashti (I don't know how to spell that, sorry) So I hadn't eaten in 2 days and that's why the doctors feel I fainted. They did all kinds of tests you know."

"Hmmmfff." I didn't even have the heart (or strength) to scold.

"Are you fainting again? I need to go call the doctor."

"No Ma. I'm fine. Can we go home? I think I have started hallucinating due to sleep deprivation. I thought I saw Akash."

Ma giggled. I looked on. No, she doesn't look old and frail as she did. Maybe it was that hospital room. She had always been my strength, my hope, my courage. We had our moments but I knew she had given the world for me and I would do the same for her.

Dad had died young. And she had raised me and my older brother on her own. Fought with the world for us. Stood by us when we made mistakes. Picked us up when we fell. My brother was happily married in the US where both his wife and he were pursuing a PhD. He was always the smart one. I was proud of him. I loved him. I made a mental note to call him up when I got home.

"It was Akash," Ma said. " But now it is Dr. Akash."

I squinted and looked on. And sighed. One more thing on my plate. GREAT!

(This isnt how I expected it to be but lets see how it goes on!!)


  1. and it goes on well :) !! liked the flow .. go on rashi .. m waiting ...

  2. me waiting too rashi...hey but i dnt get ur title..."26 gng 13" me confused...

  3. @Rashi: I am glad ma is fine.. bring the rest soon :)

  4. nice flow of thoughts for the story

    hoping for the 3rd part

  5. Yeah Part 3 is ready! YAY! For a change Im actually writing a series!!

    @Shweta... No meaning as such just couldnt think of a title and the movie 30 going 13 was on..SO I got inspired ;)

  6. Hmm... I'd been wondering about the title too...

    I like the way the story is going... pleeease keep it going... :)
    The height of suspense just got higher...

    Btw, did u mean 'Sankranti'?


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