January 15, 2009

Mysterious GirLs- Part 2

link to mysterious girls part 1

5 questions you need to be very careful if your girl friend asks you, because if you get them wrong you would definitely have tough time pleasing your upset girl friend. Here you go…..

1. Do you love me

Now the best answer to the question would be ‘YES’, it will be great if you can put it in a bit romantic way ‘Of course sweetheart’

Dare not answer:

• Say yes straight away if you pause even for a while you are gone

• Would it make you feel better if I say yes

• Can you define what exactly do you mean by
• ‘does it matter’

2. What are you thinking about?
The ideal answer would me ‘was thinking about you sweetheart, how loving and caring you are, how beautiful you are, how much lucky I am that you came into my life'

Well I know the answer above will most of the time won’t bear any resemblance to true answer which will be

• Cricket
• Politics
• You look awful in this dress
• Oh wow that girl is really sexy

• Why I have to sit here and keep listening to your crap every time

3. Do I look fat?

The most apt answer would be “ofcourse not sweety” and then the most common response will be ‘don’t lie’ but stick to your initial answer if you want to save your day

Dare not answers

• Fat compared to whom
• Do you want me to tell truth?
• Yes but you still look beautiful
• Why you have to ask this question everyday (dare not say this even if she asks you at every hour)
• Oh sorry what did you say? I was thinking about something else

4. Do you think she is prettier than me?

In any circumstances the answer should be ‘of course not’ even if its Angelina Jolie walking on the ramp

Dare not answers

• Yes but you have a loving and caring heart

• She is not pretty but yes thinner than you
• Yes she is but you were more prettier the first time I met you

• Not prettier but hot and sexy

• Oh sorry what did you say? I was thinking about something else

5. What would you do if I died

What ever you answer you will have a follow up discussion for an hour

For example:

Girl :’will you have another girl friend’
Boy: ‘no sweetheart’

Girl: ‘why you don’t like having girl friend?’

Boy: ’ya I do but I love you’
Girl : ‘but after I am not there you should have another one’
Boy: ‘ok as you wish’

You would see her face shrink

Girl: ‘will you really have another girl in your life’
Boy : ‘you only suggested it I refused initially’

Girl : ‘but you were refusing just to keep my heart, weren’t you’

Boy: ‘no it’s not that’
Girl : ‘don’t lie’
Boy: ‘why on this earth we are discussing this, why at all you thinking of dying’
Girl : ‘don’t change the topic, see I always knew you were not happy with me’
Boy: ‘when did I say that?’

And this continues for hours, it ends up you trying to please upset girl friend amazingly with no fault of yours

(P.S: have given many such dare not answers hope you guys learn from my mistakes lolzz)


  1. thanx for sharing ur gyaan jack

    i'm sure much of ur experience will be oh help for the guys here to handle their gals

  2. @ aparna
    ha ha, not gyaan as such but the common mistakes
    well of its helpfull to some one i would be more than happy :)

  3. hahaha...lol jack...like i said fr ur earlier post u might just end up writing a thesis for us...and still u say u cant understand us...

  4. nice jack..lagta hai kafi research kari hogi tumane
    aur ho sakta ho kai answers kai experince ke bad mile ho tumahe...

    kafi accha likha hai dost nice one...

    first part bhi pdha maine iska vo bhi accha tha...

    check my post also on th writer lounge

  5. jack's humor is awesome! :)

    lolz a many! :)

  6. Thanxs Jack ..You sound an experianced guy mann...Hv to take some pointers there...must say ..Informative post this :D

  7. @Jack: humor that is... are all girls like that? anyways I am like that :P

  8. You know what the apt reply for the last question is ?? Sing or take inspiration from Pearl Jam's Last kiss..

    Say something like.. I would never ever have another gf but be a really nice person so I can come to heaven to be with you once again...

    Trust me..That will work (It did on me) :D

    Jack, most of these are true, unfortunately! :)

  9. ok all points r noted ....quite interesting...and funny too

  10. @ I me myself,
    oh that was a big compliment lolzz, you know there are days when i feel that now i completely understand girls, but than some or other mysterious thing takes place and my confidence comes crushing down :), but i never lose hope as you can see i keep trying he he

  11. @ chirag
    wiase experience to hai hi par abhi bhi new comer jaisa lagat hai :), par sikhne ke koshish jari hai,

    thanks for the comment bro, well will surely check it out soon

  12. @ leo
    thanks mate, well it humorous when you pen it down on paper but believe me when i made any of the mistakes above, i would find it difficult to smile even he he

  13. @ anurag
    well ya it was written with two purposes one was humor and the other was prevent you guys from making mistakes that i made lolzzz

  14. @ kajal
    no not all, its very difficult to generalize but this is the usual trend i guess :),
    see bingo i got it right with you at least lolzz

  15. @ rashi
    oh thats a lesson, point taken, will try it out if it works will get back to you ;)
    i guess you girls should share some secrets with us too, it may help you never know :)

    well they are cent percent true ask me i have been in such situation many a times :)

  16. @ ste
    thanks dude, well good to note points but in case of girls its blunder to generalize

  17. Hey Jack... r u plannin to take tuitions by any chance??? I'm ur first student... ;)

    It was funny buddy... also so damn true.. :)

    Dare not answers- Fat compared to whom lol on that


  18. well arjun not a bad idea actually :)
    new business plan lolzz, but i tell you best learning is when you do experience it your self :)


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