January 23, 2009

My Son(s)

The Cadence of the high tide brought her back to senses.She looked at her watch.It was a gift from her mother-in-law when Sammy was born to her.Sigh! She had been wandering along te shore all alone for the past three hours.Everyone must be worried for her she mumbeled to herself as soon as she realized her cell too was switched off. As soon as it came to life,it was flooded with messages from her husband and her friends.

She hurried back home,her mind still tethered to the images of the lonley sea shore.The crashing waves brought to her the sweet memories of her child.He was so fond of the waves and so he always walked besides her,holding her hands as they both walked on the damp sand.His baby steps,the faint impressions on the sand, his fingers curled around hers and the humble smile on his face as he tried to make sand castles.. Her heart suddenly felt so heavy and she fastened her walk home.she silently walked into Rohan's room,glad to find him sleeping.This room was her cocoon of comfort and warmth.Where her motherly love had blossomed and bloomed in abundance.They had found Rohan alone on the shore a week later Sammy died.Rohan just knew that he lost his elder brother to the storm that hit the shore.

Her touch woke Rohan.She smiled,hugged him close and as daily she whispered to the airs,"thanks for coming back Sammy."

"I will always live with you", he has once said.He was a sincere child.No wonder,he did what he resolved.

Prompted at 3WW


  1. oh..That was so sweet..!!
    A lovely gesture..:)
    Nice post Prats..!!


  2. A Really nice one... leaves you filled with hope! :)

  3. nice one Prats..i could feel what the mother in question felt... beautifully expressed..

  4. i m gladdened with all these nice words :) thanks!!


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