January 21, 2009

Misty Memories

The days are long and the nights endless
I sit by the fire and think of you
I think of the days that swept with time
When it was little less I
And little more we.

You held my hand and talked of love
And I thought it would last till eternity
I look at the sky and searched for the moon
Who witnessed the deep bonding of our love
But today even he is hidden amongst the clouds
He too like you left me alone in the crowd

The waves washed away your steps
But my heart still bears their imprint
The touch of the wind reminds me of you
The reminder of your breath which felt so secure

Yes, the time has flown past me
The time that was marked with your love and my laughter
The love has gone and so have you
So tonight when I sit by the fire and think of you
I set you free from the memories of my heart
I grant you freedom the sky that once sheltered our love
I release you from the moon that once bound our love.

P.S. Thanks to leo for the title....I couldn't get one....


  1. good poem, Shweta! Wonderful expression of da array of emotions dat one experiences when letting sumone go! :)

  2. Hey really nice this....My poem above is on similar lines.....But your poem really seems better expressed...Kudos :)

  3. another moving on poetry.. awweee i am feeling so strong now.. tweety you are doing wonders!!

  4. Very nice Shweta...!!

    The way u played with the emotions here, just very good...


  5. welcome for the title!

    and as i told u b4, loved the words...it was tweety-fic! :)


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