January 21, 2009

I remember

I remember that summer day
Can’t say with fondness or not
With your skin glowing in the sun
In the shadow of your beauty, I was caught.

I remember that Rainy day
When our love had begun to blossom
When we took all those promises
Who knew it would account for some.

I remember that winter morning
When you said “Let’s end this, dear”
Swords went through my heart girl
I really couldn’t bear that to hear

I remember that night of spring
When you called up, don’t know why?
I was already in a cocoon my dear
I couldn’t even properly cry.

It’s summer again my dear.
But now you are no where near
The cocoon’s broken, the love is gone.
For I have decided to move on.


  1. u just put my feelings there,,, n so simply perfect :)

  2. sigh..how many of us gone through this trauma.. and hey that takes a lot of heart to bring ourselves to this "moving on" stage... brave souls we are..
    good one anurag..
    touched my heart..

  3. oooohhh so i guess just continued ur lines in my poem....very nice anurag...cheers...

  4. woah..!! Beautiful poem....

    "In the shadow of you beauty, I was caught" loved that line Anurag....

    A perfect one really..


  5. beautiful poem anurag! :)


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