January 21, 2009

Ahh,whats this ??

I look at the book,
I select the page,
I note the answers,
Ahh!!whats this??

I enter the class,
I look at the sir,
I jot down points,
Ahh,whats this??

I reach back home,
I remove my shoes,
I open my fridge,
Ahh,whats this??

I get ready for college,
I buy train tickets ,
I see the crowd,
Ahh,whats this??

I sleep during pracs,
I open my gmail page,
my teachers slaps me ,
Ahh,whats this ??

I enter exam hall,
I get my answer sheets,
I look at the question paper,
Ahh,whats this??

I look at question paper,
I study something else,
I answer something else,
Ahh,whats this?

I attend college fest,
I dance like dancer,
I sing like a singer,
Ahh,whats this??

4 years of fun,
4 years of friendship,
4 years of attendance fiasco,
4 years in vain.
Ahh,whats this??

Thats all about Engineering!!

This is what I did in 4 years of Engineering .

Yesterday ,someone from college called at my landline and informed that your son is not attending any lectures.Luckily my sister attended the call.She soon cut the call.The next day Rahul scraps me "ki ,dude you are detained,"

Now,I got really scared.My mind wasn't working .I called himto confirm the news.

"Abhey ,sale, kal hi toh college start hua ,itna jaldi defaulters list,mazak tha re," he replied..

Now ,I feel like kicking hard on his butts.


  1. Kewl poem, ste! nd da way u hav described it here, believe me every engg wld relate to it! :P

  2. hahaha ....lol...what's this ??
    Engineering Life I guess :)

  3. hahaha lolzzz...i guess dats vat v all engineers do...

  4. bilkul sahi bhai har engg ki hai yahi kahani...

  5. a scholar is saying all this.. nambike mudiyile.. :P

  6. LOL !! u really beleived dat !! ha ha ,, nice post :)

  7. haha...wat is this?? :P

    Part of college life...

    Nice post stibu mama...


  8. nice friend stph has got! :D

    good brains on him... scare tactics! :D


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