January 17, 2009

I am a fool!!

Know the game ‘Christmas Angel’?

All the names of your friends are written in chits, you’ve to pick up one and send gifts or friendship notes secretly to that person on the chit. Then on Christmas night that person tries to guess his secret admirer, who showered gifts on him like an angel. If he guesses the wrong name, you get an expensive gift from him and if he is right you lose the gift.

Fun isn’t it?

7 yrs ago, I was in 8th class when we girls played this game and I picked up Akshara’s name. For a week I secretly dropped chocolate bars and all other small fancy gift items in her bag while she was away.I too was getting gifts from the person who picked up my name. I had no clue who my angel was.

During class break one day, I successfully placed a greeting card in Akshara's desk without her knowledge. Later she looked at the card and…

She: Here goes my secret angel again. Do you by the way have any of the faintest ideas who she is Aparna?

Me (trying to look as innocent as possible): Nopes. What did she give you anyway?

She: An archies card…(reading the message in the card) Aw! its sweet except for one thing.

Me(curiously): Well, what’s that?

She: (She read out from the card):‘from your secret admirer, class VII B’. She wrote VII B instead of VIII B. She must have got confused between VII and VIII.

Me: (as an unconscious and instant reaction):Oops! Aisa kya?I wrote by mistake!
And, so that is how folks, I let the cat out of the bag.


I had to give Akshara a cute plaster of paris showpiece of 2 friends hugging each other in the christmas party...damn expensive one! ...costed all my hard-earned pocket money :(

My secret admirer was Dwithi.I couldn't guess that(obviously!..with me what else can you expect!).I lost my gift(sigh!)


  1. aparna... that was hilarious...

    akshara is smart, tricked u nicely eh? ;)

  2. akshara wasn't smart...she didn't trick me

    i was a fool to let out the secret

  3. nice yaar...
    remind the old days of school

  4. we call it 'secret santa' now !! n i got a cute one from my secret santa ! nice cute post Aparna :)

  5. @ chirag....yes we had many such moments in school

    miss my school too

  6. Awww! Secret Santa! I used to love it! I got the best gifts and we did it with the entire section..So kinda like lets know each other too!

    :( I miss school!

  7. @ pretty...yes the game is also known as secret santa
    thx for calling it cute :)

  8. hey rashi!

    unfortunately i never could get gifts

    i always had to be the one to give gifts

  9. hahaha.....i knw this game

    its called secret santa

    prats told me abt this .....arey something to remember yaar....very often u remmber such things when u grow up naa

    haha ...atleast u remember this ...be glad ...u arnt a fool :p ,... or may be u r :p


  10. hey ste...yes secret santa it is called

    u left me wondering whether i am a fool or not..i am not able to resolve

  11. hehe, nicely-sweetly put, thanks Aparna :)

  12. hahaha.. That was funny.. ;)

    I hear my sister playing such games at school.. its fun aint it..??


  13. yo arjun...u bet it is definitely fun!


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