January 12, 2009

Lonely Road

Passing by the lanes of life,
Wondering what i did was right,
Took the path that people showed,
I was walking on the lonely road...

I forgot the fragrance of the rose,
While travelling up the mountains high,
Freshness of the dew unknown,
All I could do was just moan,
Questions of the soul torture me,
About my needs and about my deeds,
Still i am walking all alone,
All the way on the lonely road...

Desperate for affection, love and care,
Longing for someone besides me,
Afraid of my own shadows in day,
Not a ray of hope in my way,
I lost faith, I never won,
But I knew I had to run,
All along the lonely road...

With watery eyes, I would love to share,
My sorrows, my pains, my needs and fears,
My hands reach out in the dark,
Only to find my life apart
My head and heart still keep me going,
On the thorny route of the lonely road...

I wish I never had begun,
My miseries don't seem to end,
Desires and wishes will soon be dead,
But I continue as my soul had vowed,
To walk along the lonely road....!!!!


  1. This is a lovely poem..a nice rhythmic way of presenting the thought..i would to share one thing..sometimes i also feel the same way as you explained! at that time, i look myself in front of a mirror and speak to myself loudly about my aim in life..and that gives me strength to move on and walk along the lonely road again

  2. @tweety: the answer lies in the fact that what was the reason behind you starting this journey.. if it was worth the pain and agony you are going thorugh then go ahead finish your journey,
    but if its a wild goose chase and eventually you are gonna lose then its never too late to change tracks..
    beautifully written!

  3. i could have sworn this was a song, so rhythmic was the rhyme..! :)

    regards..! ur miseries dont end? nah, it will end soon...

    after walking in the rain,
    with the troubles and the pain,
    you will find the joy again.

    for after the rain,
    the sun does shine again.

  4. I dont believe that every time I have a question in mind and open WL somehow my answer is here.

    I have contemplating to go to another city where I know no1. Everyone tells me I shouldn't. I will not survive there. After all I'm a Mumbai girl. But I tell myself I want to. I want to prove myself. I want to do it. Away from home. Away from friends. Im not just a Mumbai girl. Im me. Im not a glass doll!

    Road maybe lonely. Woods maybe deep and dark. But you have you. Be comfortable with yourself. Think of all you have gained. Think all that you have lost. Is it worth to give up now? Go on... We just have to!

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  6. excellent potrayal of desperation! ur poem gives a message that hope should stay on with us even on deserted highways and lonely roads.
    applause to u!

  7. i dont know but i am sure i read it here that there was a compliment for Kajal for this poetry "the lonely road"..
    a small clarification..
    kajal is "pink orchid" and that's me..no confusions...:P
    and i have a long way to go before i reach the level where I ME MYSELF (the poet of "the lonely road" aka tweety) has reached especially with this poem of hers..

  8. @navchawla

    we must find our strenght within ourselves no matter vat ppl tell us...thanks for appreciating

  9. @kajal...hope u dnt mind

    u flatter me....u honestly do...btw who said that...i dedicate this poem to ny1 who relates to it...

    as for ur comment...u knw kajal at tyms its more than the loss or gain...sometimes u still must go on no matter hw hard itis ...no matter hw much it takes...even when there is high probability that ur journey wnt bear a fruit...but is just a risk u have to take

  10. @rashi

    i am glad that u could relate to it...and i wish u all the best for ur journey ahead...n i dnt knw hw tough it will be for u to adjust to ur new surrounding but i must say with our own strength we must go on...thanks fr the appreciation

  11. @leo

    i am not a good singer or i would surely make it into a son :P

    yes i am sure and even i hope, there is a sunrise in all this darkness..

  12. @aparna

    yes it was a desperate attempt...but i still feel the hope must live on even if v are alone...cuz our life cannot exist without the hope of continuation...

    nevertheless thanks a lot...

  13. @tweety: hey beng compared to you will always be a compliment girl.. but its just that i dint wanna steal the credit for such a wonderful poem..
    and yup about the "lonely road" i do agree at times we just dont have a choice.. life's like that!!

  14. *being..
    oops for the typo error ,tweety :D


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