January 12, 2009

I Don't Know!

Life’s changing, I am changing

Why I am changing? I don’t know

They say be yourself, but I can’t see them doing the same

Their closeones are changing, they are changing

Why they are changing? I don’t know

My friends laugh at me; they say I am a fool

I feel sad, I feel bad

Am I a fool? I don’t know

I see her she sees me, we walk together but

She’s quite, I am quite

Why are we quite? I don’t know

In my dreams I see her smiling to me

Her shining eyes, her beautiful voice

Am I in love? I don’t know

May be she is not for me or she  won’t accept me

But does that makes any difference?

May be yes, may be no

Am I afraid? I don’t know


  1. at times the beauty of life lies in not knowing.. if you knew everything already (the questions that you've asked here) you wouldnt hv come out with this poetry..

  2. if you knew it all,
    then what words would be left?
    if no questions were there,
    no answers would be left!

    sorry, weird rhyme i know... life ain't always abt knowing everything... sometimes u need to question life itself...!

    and like orchid says, if u knew it all, u wouldn't have written this poem! and beautifully written it was too! :)

  3. Nice Naveen.... :) Had commented on this on ur blog as well.. Thanks for posting it here...

    And hey - "She’s quite, I am quite
    Why are we quite? I don’t know

    here do u mean- QUIET ??

    hehe.. With so many poems here on Wl, I'm loving it... Just that I cant express how good each one is.. :)

    Keep Posting Naveen..


  4. Knowing is nice,
    Not knowing is better,
    Knowing means for sure
    You are mine or you aren't.
    Not knowing is, In my head
    You are mine, all mine.

    I am coming up with the weirdest poems as comments ..MUST MUST STOP!!

    I like the confusion that comes along with the love. Yes or no? Fast heart beats. Name on the phone. Calling. What is he going to say? Yes or No. Crush or love? Or nothing at all!

    This left a smile on my face on remembering the things I felt. I want to open my diary and read those parts when I was still in love, new love!

  5. thanx all of you for posting such lovely comments

  6. ur poems r cute naveen

    nice rhymes at the end.
    nice description of the confusion.
    not knowing is a bliss though.

    keep it up!

  7. well i liked it

    may be u dont knw and u have to knw it soon...so go and tell her


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