January 31, 2009

Let me..

Broken wings
Entangled strings
Confusion all around
Tied and bound.

I see you weep
even when you are asleep.
I see you cry
to hide it,you try.

All I want is
to be your inspiration
All I need is
to be your destination

I want to inspire 
life in you.
The drive to live
and not be blue.

I want to inspire
love in you.
To feel , to care
beautiful and true.

I want to inspire
faith in you.
Faith in life and love
and to them value.

I want to inspire
you to be you.
Change the world
Change your view.

Let me love you.
Let me mend your broken heart.
Let me close without hesitation.
Let me be your inspiration.

P.S : Dedicated to a very special person.. :) I wish I had the guts to actually tell the person this. But I guess he'll read it.. :D


  1. good one Rashi :)

    "i want to inspire
    you to be you"

    loved it!!!!!

  2. lovely poem rashi! straight from heart..hence special n true!

  3. Ahem ahem
    All mushy mushy writes cumin up ;)
    Good one dear :)

  4. Wish you luck in attaining your target.. he'll get impressed by this.. am sure..

  5. NIce rashi But whom is it dedicated to :O ??

    Will keep us guessing will ya :P

  6. Awww shucks guys, THANKS!!!


    It is dedicated to my inspiration ;)

  7. though this to be your write ... loved it .. simple and flowing ..

  8. Wonderful one! would give nythng 4 sumone to say dis to me! :)

  9. Read ...
    Liked ...
    Nice flow of thoughts, as I always happen to say when I like a write. Wanted to pen down a few lines myself on this ... but, no time tonight .. will write ... Pakka!!

  10. I believe the poem could have some more flow to it... The rhyme at places seems to create a problem for the flow of the underlying feel...

    But nevertheless, a beautiful idea... The simplicity of writing makes it even better...

    And yes, have faith... u will tell tell that person your feelings if and when you are meant to :)


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