January 31, 2009

The Adventures of StepCOCK (StepHEN).....COMING SOON

Necessity became pregnant(blame inspiration) and an idea was born. From the makers of Mussadi-Man and The legend of Sandeep Malan (purposely deleted and modfied episodes by Ste) comes a new offering....a supernatural thriller....An inspiring saga of a man's fight against the laws of nature.

Starring: StepCOCK(hen) in and as "The Eight Wonder"

A story which inspires
About a mortal who aspires
Its about the tears he shed
Its about those moments when he bled
Its about how mankinds little blunder
Gave birth to our own "The Eight Wonder"

StepCOCK(StepHEN):The Eight Wonder....Blessed. Cursed. Fused.

Worldwide premiere at the Writers Lounge on 4th Feb. Keep your fingers crossed!!
** Parental Guidance Suggested For Readers Under 15. Not for the faint hearted :-)
(co-authors are more than welcome....just mention that you wish to in the comments section..... ;-) )


  1. wow!!!
    eigth wonder ste!! lol...
    nice intro wid poem..!!

    can only imagine d fun..very eagerly awaiting!!

    oyeee steee...get goin on ur malan again...its d best!!

  2. can't wait ...can't wait... :D
    *evil laugh*

  3. @nan

    yup...hail stephen...hail stephen...*evil laughter*


    thanx yar...jai stephen!


    he he...ste hamaara neta hain...sabke bartan dhota hain!!


    humaara superhero kaisa ho...stephen raja jaisa ho!


    stephen mantra japo sab bhaktjan! hari om!

  4. Waoh ....But what's Stephen gotta do with it ???

  5. he he...ste hamaara neta hain...sabke bartan dhota hain!!

    Haha ...I gotta a better one though but moi not gonna say it here :D

  6. he he anurag...i know that one...this one is the censored one for family audience ;-)

    just wait n watch as teh series unfolds...the plot revolves around a guy named stephen...any resemblance with our stephen is purely coincidental ;-)

  7. waitin for 5th feb! :D
    and a first read of sandeep's wordpower! :)

    steph is the 8th wonder! lol... cant wait bro... cant wait!

  8. so true leo hard to wait...

    i am also waiting for a reaction of STEPHEN! lets cc how he takes this!

  9. Hey... paavam da stephen (*for those who don't understand tamil, that translates into the poor stephen)!! My sympathies...

    I am sure this war between Malan and StepCOCK will rock the lounge!!

    Gear up Stephen... aage badho... hum tumhaare saath hain!! ;)

    Hey Balu, we had almost co-authored a similar story, remember? ARe you going to include that? If yes, then don't take away all credit!

  10. nice one
    intejaar rahega is advitya kahani ka

  11. R u taking revenge bro....for the malan series he writes mocking u ???
    I hope u make it as interesting and funny as that bro :)

  12. wow... eagerly waiting... this is going to be interesting.. stepcock...lol... that was nice!!

    nice poem... !!!!

  13. and of course. I is co writing it with you :P


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