January 16, 2009

Dark Splendour

A metaphor between a night and a girl. :)

I look up at you,
Beauty is all I see,
Unpretentious, Serene,
As calm as one can be!

Dark wisps of your hair,
Curls, oh! so soft they seem,
Gentle breeze blowing through them,
With unsurpassed lustre, they gleam!

Your face so calm,
Satisfaction writ large and clear,
Gleaming stars adorning you,
Breathtaking beauty, unrivaled!

On the horizon I glimpse,
Your lips touching the ocean,
An unending thirst inside your soul,
A vista, magnificent in every sense!

Deep understanding and maturity,
Resplendent across your persona,
Stunning in every way you look,
Grace personified, no place to find a flaw!

If only you were human,Etched in my memory,
Every ephemeral moment,together would be!

Divine it seems to behold such a sight,
Would love every instant of life to be a Night!


  1. wonderful metaphors :D..

    i add :

    I come and sit beside you oh night,
    Even when the world sleeps inside,
    just to be in your loving arms,
    and to be enticed with your charms!!

  2. Thanks and Wow!
    Wish I had thought of dat! Tld u Prats, I had much to learn frm u! :)

  3. Wow nice! I didnt realise he was talking about the night till the very end!

    I love the last 2 lines immensely! Btw I love the words "etched in my memory" Just seems so perfect!

  4. hey maverick wellcome in
    sorry as usual bit late to greet you :), but i read your poems and i must say lounge has got yet another wonderful poet

    well good work waiting for more :)

  5. my pleasure Maverick !!!

  6. welcome to the lounge o maverick..! :)

    and nice night to meet u too! :D

    as for learning from prats... we all have to..! :)

    with ur permission... lemme take it a bit further...! :)

  7. @ Rashi
    TY! Da wonderful vista dat u c at night remains etched in ur memory no matr what! I am sure evryone of us has seen dis majestic sight nd wanted to cherish it! :)

    Thx for da welcome! nd for da compliments!

    @ Leo!
    TY for the welcome!

  8. @Maverick:
    i read through and I found,
    the nights' beauty is so profound.
    but it brought me a thought,
    like a good omen,
    that somewhere deep in my heart,
    I am so proud to be a woman.

    context: the beauty of a woman helped you define the night in such a magnificent way.

  9. @ Kajal

    Wonderful words from u!
    You hav all da right in da world to b proud of bein a woman! The beauty of a Woman lies not in her looks but in her poise and attitude! Dat is wat I believe!
    And thx for the compliments abt da poem! :)

  10. @Maverick: poise and attitude.. i am impressed..

  11. Well, I tak it as an honour dat I cld impress u! Pleasure's all mine, mademoiselle! :)

  12. nice one maverick
    every line seems beautiful


  13. @Maverick: Orchid bows to the chivalrous.. :)

  14. hey maverick i guess i am late to greet u...firstly welcome to the lounge...i am shweta or as ppl here at lounge call me tweety...

    u beautifully expresed the the beauty of women...i am amazd...lovely penned...

  15. @ Kajal
    MaV bows back and kisses ur hand in greeting and respect! ;)
    (No offense intended! jst da way a gentleman greets a Lady! :P)

  16. Hi Shweta!
    Thx for da welcome nd for ur compliments abt da poem! :)

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  18. @Maverick: orchid blushes, like a lady does when greeted by a gentlemen.

    and both the "chivalrous" and "the lady" become good friends from hereafter.... :)

  19. @ Kajal
    Ohhh....How I wish I cld rilly see u blush!!!! :P
    Good friends..for sure we are!!!! :)


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