January 16, 2009

The Rebel

Standing tall amidst,
The ruins of fate,
Shattered dreams surround him,
Fragmented desires to collate!

Staring at the dark sky,
He remembers his early days,
A thinker, a dreamer,
Unique in every sense!

The bruised, battered horizon,
Evokes memories of his fray,
The struggles endured to realize his dreams,
Splattered on the path, they lay!

He recalls standing up against,
All odds and hurdles,
Choosing to break, rather than bend,
Inspiring changes among the people!

Jolted back to reality,
He introspects his stance,
Betrayed by destiny,
Futile seem his plans!

Believing thoroughly in himself,
Rising from the ashes like a Phoenix,
Refusing to concede defeat he remains,
A Rebel, A Maverick!


  1. i had read this one at your blog and i'd loved it.. :) loved it here too..

  2. hey call me pink or kajal or orchid..dont call me tpo..sounds like stp pco.. :P

  3. loved the last lines .. inspiring !

  4. great poem maverick!

    is that character in the poem you?

    keep it up!

  5. @ Kajal
    Will keep dat in mind! :)

    @ Prats
    Thanks for ur comments. :)

    @ Aparna
    TY! That character in my poem surely has shades of me! But I still hav to undergo all da tribultions mentioned der! bt m ready to do it! :)

  6. May I please forward it to some1?

    Just reminded me of some1! Rebels and me arent the best combination as my previous posts will show ..

    Loved your feelings on it!

  7. U cld frwrd it to nyone u want to provided u giv credit to its writer! :P! dats me btw!
    no, bt on a serious note! ders a sense of possessiveness dat i hav abt my work nd wld lik it to b respected by oders too. so if u can do dat, i dnt mind u frwardin it to nyone on da face of dis earth! :)

  8. oh maverick... nice words bro...! :)

    read rashi's reply first...and both are magnifico! :)


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