January 16, 2009

Yes, I will

Yes, suddenly from nowhere,
I do appear
But so many questions
With answers unclear?
Questions of faith?
When all I want is
To be your soulmate?

I may not be the one
You were waiting for,
But I want to be the one
Inside your very core.
Love and lost,
Have must you
All I need to know is that
I'm not just one in the queue.

I will wait, till eternity
And then wait some more
If you want me to be your destiny
O Loved one, 
Dont be too long.
For it you, and only you
I want to belong.
And cruel life is very short.

I will hold you and caress you
I will watch as your lips move
When you talk, 
I watch you groove
And your body swing.
For some didnt prove 
To be worthy
Why should I, of you disapprove?

I will like that you are
An open book
But not such that
Any one can look.
I want to gain your love,
Your confidence and trust.
But once I have it
Will you not let it bust?

I will wait for the day
You are mine.
The way you are,
The way, absolute fine.
I will help you gather 
The pieces of your heart.
But to you, I hand over
Each of them apart.

I will wait for you, for sure.
I will respect you.
And not want anything premature
I want to love you.
I want to be yours.
I want to surrender to you
Think hard and think long
Is this what you truly want?

Kajal wrote this, I reply to it! 

Too many replies going on,right??? But I like :)


  1. kajal dear, you came to lounge to inspire...! :D

    rashi here has penned another marvellous piece!! :)

  2. nice one !! new angles to a common felling :D

  3. is there anyone here who is not in love or out of it?

  4. lovelorn, heartbroken, yearning for lost love, deeply in love, new crush, old crush......hmmm we need to rename this blog....how abt "the lover's lounge"

  5. @Leo: i didnt mean to do anything like that....but as long as it is bringing out beautiful lines... no worries.. :)

    @Prats: yes truly

    @Ashwin: hey probably its not like that.. if there is anyone who is not in love or out of it, the person for sure is a dreamer... and thus the lounge is flourishing..

    @Rashi V: All i wish that the one for whom my poem was intended comes up with something like these lines and gives me refuge in his heart.

  6. @ Ashwin

    Is there REALLY anyone not in love or out of love? I want to know who that is and hit him with something!

    @ Leo

    What is there in life if no action and reaction??

    @ Prats...

    Feelings as common as love... Yet each time its new..I wonder why?


    Dont we all? Dont we all wish the same!! Why o why?

  7. we stand fr the newtons third law- every action has a reaction...rashi ur words...i have nothing to say...just that they are....i dnt knw what...i will send my soulmate to u fr training and u can give him all these beautiful words that can melt ny1s heart...


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