January 25, 2009

Inspiration presents everywhere

Inspiration is what
it is just a thought

Inspiration is what
it is just a talk

Inspirations are the magic words
which can lite fire to water

Whenever i loss
spider always give me
Inspiration to fight again

Whenever i win
trees gives me
Inspiration to stay calm

whenever i reached late anywhere
sun gives me
Inspiration to be punctual

Inspiration is nothing
but the learning lesson of life

Inspiration is present in everyone
it is in us
we can also became Inspiration for anyone
Inspiration is everywhere in this world
its just we have to find it.

word count-102


  1. reading the first few lines i knew its you chirag !! bravo !! kamaal kar ditta yaar ... and now some corrections ...

    lite = light ;)

    and one place you mixed up tenses .. read and find it for yourself dude !!

  2. yes! i like the inspiration that you received from Spiders and Trees :)

  3. @pretty
    maine vo lite hi likha that mean aag lagana ya spark hona shyad yahi hai
    and ya 1-2 jagah tenses ki prblm hai
    but maine bas vahi likha jo mere vichar the

  4. chirag,
    see it was not all that difficult after all.. you tried english and you have come out with a beauty...

    i congratulate you for widening your horizons....

    beautiful poem..

  5. yeah... kajal said it..! good strong poem! :)

  6. a very nice n inspiring poem indeed :)

  7. Oye Chiraaag...!!

    Very nice yar.... I loved the way u drew inspiration from trees...


  8. very nice bro....its true that small things in life inspires us like u have described in this poem......like sun, trees and spiders ......

  9. lol...I would never hv imagined I getting inspired from things like spider trees and all....

    I mean what imagination mann...

    Kudos :)

  10. @arjun
    ek bar sochana jaroor ke in choti choti cheezo se kaise inspiration milati hai..
    u willl find the answer

  11. @anurag
    me to leta hu is tarah ki cheezo se inspiration


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