January 11, 2009

I Miss You

When life does get you down,
When your smile becomes a frown,
When you feel life is like a lie,
When a tear is in your eyes,
Just remember, my dear friend,
I am there, for you till the end,
You can come to me, always.

When you want to talk,
I shall be there, to listen to you,
When you want to cry,
My shoulders are there for you,
You mean a lot to me,
You make me laugh, in every misery.
You can come to me, always.

I can’t see you like this,
Without your laughter, your smile,
It pains me a lot, friend.
When you are forlorn, I want to cry,
Side by side, we once did fly.
In the rain, we together ran,
As we held, each others hand.

Now you are not, by my side,
Where did you go and hide?
Not a moment does pass,
That I don’t think of you.
I still remember that smile,
That meant the world to you.

You are loved a lot, you know,
Not just by one, but by many so,
Soon, throw that sadness away.
I miss you a lot, indeed I do,
It is hard to find, a friend like you,
Come back soon, I wait that day.

For anything that you want to say,
You can come to me, always.

Dedicated to two of my best friends... Hoping they come back soon.

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  1. hoping ur friends will come back to u soon.

    wonderful poem!

  2. @vinay: awweeee...this poem warmed my heart.and i am missing some of my old friends down the line..
    who so ever reads it will come back to you..
    and those who are slowly getting to know you, reading this they'd want to be your friend.

    friends?? what say??
    -Kajal :)

  3. Lovely man.. Simple yet so meaningful... Hope ur frnds come back.. :)

    Agree with Kajal... ;)


  4. we already friends kajal! :)
    u follow my blog rmbr, and i yours! :)

    and thanks for liking it a lot! :)

  5. You know first I read this and thought of one of my closest friends who moved to London some years back. Then as I kept reading it, I thought of all you guys who have become so close. You may not know me but you still do through what I write and I write my soul out. :)

    Friends- real or virtual mean a lot! :) Thanks for being there guys..

  6. @Arjun: thanks for agreeing :)

    @Leo: so good to know that we are friends.. its true that i follow your blog (i love the blog) but you dont follow mine :(:(:( lie lie and lie.. :(

  7. i follow the blog kajal! :D

    it was anonymously till now!

  8. @Leo: Anonymously sounds intrguing...i dont know y is that option there?
    so so so so happy seeing you there in the list of my support system..thanks a tonne..Vinay :)

  9. the last lines can melt any heart.. :)

  10. even i dont know y it is there...! :P


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