January 17, 2009

I dreamt

An extension to Why poem by Shweta

I woke up with a smile,atleast I was smiling in my dreams.After all,you were with me,holding me close,filling my life with your love.I know you will now laugh at this,you dnt beleive in such dreams but wasnt it you who taught me to turn my dreams true !!

Before i slept,i had so many questions for you,so many doubts and fears for our realtion.guess those bothered in your dreams so you had to come in mine to assure me.weird thought i know,but it made my day still!!


  1. pratsie, i expected a poem...
    not this way! :(

    but still ur words are so nice...
    pic suits too...! :)

    hope u wake up with smile everyday! :)

  2. Nice small piece there Prats..
    Dont know wat else to say.. :)


  3. hey prats...dnt we all want such dreams...cheers a smal piece with hell of a significance....great...

  4. perfect extension to shwetha pretty


  5. sorry to disappoint u dear Leo... but it was an instant feeling ... will surely come back with a poem :)

  6. hope u liked it shwetha.. after all, it was ur poem that inspired ds dreamy write ;)

  7. u came back with a poem and stll took my words away...! queen pratsie! :)

  8. I dreamt of we tonight, so close together that our shadows were merging in one, the impossible in real life. So close that even the winter wouldn't dare creep in, so near that i could feel your breaths, count your lashes, see the colors of your carving and hear the knocking of your heart against your ribs.

    everything after all, is possible in dreams :)

    - asbah.

  9. thanksie pink !! :)

    My pleasure Vinay !!

    right on target asbah !! loved the last line of ur commnet ;)


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