January 17, 2009

Oh What A Day...

Oh what a day,
What a day was today,
Not a moment did I have peace,
Only the time to pray.

Till the moment,
I came to know my fate,
There was just no stopping,
My quickened heart-beat rate.

Would it be easy?
Would it be what I want?
I wish there were no such questions
Hard as I try, stop them I can't.

Till I enter the court,
To hear my verdict,
I have no idea what my fate is,
I don't want to try and predict.

Each second that passes,
Feels like a lifetime,
My mind is now so blank,
I can't hear the nearby churchbells chime.

I hear my name called,
And turn my head around,
As I follow my friend's footsteps,
Now I can't hear any sound.

There maybe comforting voices,
Wishing me good luck,
I return their smiles with one of my own,
Only I know where my mind is stuck.

I enter the court last,
It is my choice that decides,
Easy known or difficult unknown,
On my hand my fate rides.

I pick up the paper,
Open it to see my fate,
And oh thank u God,
It reduced my heart rate.

It is one I know well,
I can do it with ease,
I sit down to write it,
Tension now starts to cease.

At long last it is over,
I am victorious in my quest,
Now that I succeeded,
I can now just rest.

(reminiscences of the hour before i entered lab for the exam..)


  1. Haha! My exams begin Monday :( So lets see what I can come up with then!

  2. hahahaha vinay every exams this is vat exactly i feel...

  3. hey Leo!
    Kewl poem man! Made me nostalgic! Brought bac memories of exams dat not so long ago were moments of my life! :)

  4. haha.. It was nice...
    Simple n nice.. :)


  5. yeah rashi... lets see! :)

  6. yeah... even me shwe! :)

  7. i was imagining a different plot until i read the last line..so about exams huh?

    nice one leo

    ur description of the tension was so good...it is an universal fear of all students


  8. @Leo: see i knew my best wishes will work.. :P the paper was easy no..? :P

  9. thanks aparna! :) universal tension indeed! :)

  10. pink, that poem was written way b4 u wished...! but i have exam tmrw...
    lets see if ur wish holds true! :)

  11. @Leo: yaar easy paper ka credit steal karne ki koshish kar ri thi.. ok all the best for tomorrow's one.. dekhne bhot achha exam jayega!


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