January 17, 2009

2 Point Someone..!!

[ Myself (Arjun) and Stephen have decided to start this series, with humour as the main quotent. We shall be updating this series alternatively. For now, its my turn to throw the dice. Hope you enjoy.]

Note- All characters in the story are fictitious. Though we have used some real names, its just intended for fun. So no hard feelings.:) And thanks to Ste for the cartoon.


Arjun aka RJ woke up and sat with his eyes fixed to his watch. In five minutes, the alarm rang, he turned it off and got out of his bed for a walk to the bathroom. By 7.30 he was on his dining table with a plate of something in front of him. His mom yelled from the kitchen- “ You are not a school child anymore. Act responsibly.” His dad came by and reminded him- “ College means studies, not movies or girlfriends. Okay?” This reminder dampened his spirits. RJ finished his food as fast as he could and hurried to reach college.


Stephen aka Ste had to be literally thrown out of bed to wake him up. His intelligent sister brought an ice cube and slid it inside his shirt. Ste jumped out of bed like a ghost. He was paraded into the bathroom and later was stuffed with food into his mouth by his mom. His dad came by and asked- “ You have enough pocket money?” He replied- “ No.” He thought- “Why does he even ask me that question. My answer was never a ‘yes’ for that” and laughed in his mind. His dad counted 500 bucks and passed it to him. Stuffing the cash into his wallet, he hurried out to his car to zoom to college.

8.45 AM, at the college.

RJ searched for his name and walked into his designated classroom. He found the last bench and planted himself on it. A girl, walked to him, found the window next to him, fired the chewing gum from her mouth through the window and said to RJ-“ Hi, I’m Akshata.” RJ smiled back and said- “I’m Arjun, call me RJ.”

“Are you the Vivekananda types?” she asked playing with her nose ring.

RJ dug out a pack of cigarettes and said- “ Does Vivekananda smoke?”

“Haha. Don’t think so.” They shook hands again.

“I’m a Vivekananda back home though” RJ clarified. He certainly was a different guy outside home, a guy with multiple faces.

As they chatted along, ‘the dude’ Jack walked into the class straight to Akshata and they exchanged a hug. RJ thought of jumping out of his bench like Bruce Lee and whacking him. But then, Aks said- “He’s Jack. My guy.” RJ gave a plain smile. She turned to Jack and introduced RJ as- “Arjun. Call him RJ. Radio Jockey. Haha” she giggled

As the bell rang, a lady lecturer walked in, all graciously and announced- “ Good Morning and Welcome to this college. My name is Rashi.” Just as she said that, Ste came running to the door and asked- “ Can I come in ma’am?”

“Okay. But what’s that pant? Why do you have to wear one if you are wearing it so low” disgusted Miss. Rashi asked.

“Low waist ma’am” Ste announced shamelessly.

RJ, sitting behind wasted no opportunity to comment- “ Low ass jeans.” Everyone got a laugh out of it except Miss. Rashi. Anyway, Ste walked in and found a seat next to RJ. Miss. Rashi began with the usual first day chants of- “ This part of life is important. You’ve come here to study. Assignments..” and so on. Ste turned to RJ and said- “What crap man” he looked around and continued- “I’ll select my life partner now.”

“What?” RJ enquired.

“Yeah man. What is college for? You are not a school kid anymore. Look around and find a match.”

“Find a match for what?”

“Oh god. Nothin. You study.”

“haha. That girl there looks good, doesn’t she?”

“That’s the spirit man. Yes, see she looks like Shreedevi. You’ll make a good pair. There are enough trees around for your duets” Ste chuckled.

“ Fuck off.”

Meanwhile Jack and Aks discussed something and came to the conclusion that they needed a drink. Jack stood up, interrupted Miss Rashi and asked- “ I desperately need to pee, can I go please?” Miss. Rashi wondered if she was a primary school teacher, but she was a sweetheart so dint object. In a few minutes, Aks headed out as well with a similar excuse. Ste felt awestruck and said- “Man. Look at them. It’s not even been an hour. Come on RJ, we are no less. Find your Shreedevi. I’ll find mine.”

A girl named Prats, turned around and asked RJ curiously- “Where did Jack and that girl go?”

RJ replied, rather loudly- “ Jack and Jill went up the hill..”

Ste continued- “To fetch a pail of quarter…”

That brought a huge laugh around the surrounding benches. Miss. Rashi noticed it & walked up straight to RJ and Ste angrily. Only a soap opera director could have done justice to that scene. Anyway, she pointed at RJ and said- “ You are Arjun right? A.k.a RJ? What does RJ stand for? Roadside Jockey?”

RJ said trying to search for his voice- “It means nothing ma’am.”

She turned to Ste and said- “ Just one hard blow is enough to wither away your pants n you sit here and pass comments?”

She said to both of them- “ Get out. Get a written permission from the Principal before you enter the class next time.”

RJ and Ste walked with artificial expressions of shame on their faces to the Principal room. They saw a girl named Priyanka (who had bunked the first class) come out of the Principal room. She noticed both of them and said to them pointing at the Princi room- “ Oh God. He must be Hitler’s grandson or something. Good luck guys.”

Ste dint miss the opportunity to say “Thanks”
They proceeded and opened the door and walked in silently. A man of medium build and good height, neatly dressed was standing looking out of the window with his hands on his hips.

RJ and Ste scanned the room with their eyes and found the princi’s name-plate on his table which said- “ Principal. Mr. Sandeep Balan.”


  1. Principal Mr. Sandeep Balan !!! LOLz !! nothing could make me laugh more !!!! awesome first one dude !!!

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  3. same here...principal Mr Sandeep Balan....lolzzz....i am waiting fr the series....

  4. prats... u r featured too! :)

    sandeep, the hitler's grandson...lolzzz!! :D

    waitin for more dudez...! :D

  5. cudnt stop laughing man

    cant imagine my self with low waist and sister waking me up with ice cubes lol

    loved it...wait for next part

    amazing part was sandeep balan as our princi waah

  6. Well first I was laughing till I saw my name and was wondering.. Then I laughed some more..

    Maybe I should take offence for making me come across as a prude! Better make me better in the coming parts :P

  7. Haha... really good one! By the way, your Jack and Jill reminded me of another one.... "Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water, God knows what they did there, came back with a daughter'... ;)

  8. Good one..
    M waiting for the next one..

    Ste with "Low ass jeans"..lolz..

    Good one Arjun..



  9. nice series dude
    looking like a great series coming...

    like the part when jack kiss that girl in front of RJ

    nice one keep going
    see my series also"the day dream"

  10. Thanks everyone...

    @Ste - U've got to bring our principal to life... Waitin for u to post the next....

    @Rashi - Hey Rashi, u r lucky that u got such a good role.. :P

  11. @Akansha..
    hehe Akansha.. Dont spoil me... :P


    Thanks Aarthi... Ste will take revenge in the next post, dont worry... ;)


    Thanks bro..
    Will surely check out urs...

  12. wondeful plot arjun..really hilarious

    i agree with aarthi and wondering how ste will take revenge :P

  13. hahah gonna take revenge for sure

    lemme think naaa

  14. @Arjun: oh my god.. humour was never so good! arjun, you rock big time!! i had quite a good laugh ..the imagery was so good.. that i could imagine myself in the class... hey bring me to the class some day , even if its to clean the benches after class gets over , i dont mind :P

  15. ohh wow arjun..one of typical 'urs'!!
    bigger role 4 me nxt time!! :)

  16. hey sorry arjun, well late once again :)
    lolzz typical arjun as i say always,
    best was 'jack and jil went up the hill..'
    well will directly proceed to the next part, its already posted :)

  17. by the way akshata hmm, well how does she look like lolzz

  18. How do u want her to look Jack???

    U'll never get such an opportunity in ur life.....Selectin the looks of ur girl friend..!! :P


  19. Arjun + ste = disastrous laughs/ bouts of chuckles/phases of grin.

    We love you both for this.
    I hope I am not a frog in this series. please? :P

    gosh, they say, writers aur police waloun say dushmani achi nai huti !!

    (It is not wise to make a writer or a policeman your enemy! :P)

    who're they? I dono.. the filament of my mind i believe. let go :P

  20. ps: Omy God, Omy God!!!!!!!! I wonder what are you guys playing at?????? a ste and arjun's combined duet :D we'll be dammed if we wont laugh our heads off.. real good one, cant wait for the story to unfold :) make a seperate link at the side too... for a quick catch!

  21. H eh e:D
    Good one again :P
    good wrk RJ :P

  22. The last part... LOL:D

    This is really cool series.. gonna read part 2:)

  23. And I thank ste, who asked me to read this series:)


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