January 20, 2009

The day dream-II

( read the first part here the day dream-I )

vijay and tanmay ready to face challange.

tanmay going on his bowling mark.he is the fastest bowler in their school and vijay is still not get chance to play in the school cricket team.

target for vijay is 20 runs in 1 over as they are playing at a small ground or i say they are playing gully cricket.

vijay is ready to face the first ball from tanmay.

tanmay bowls the first ball and vijay doesnot able to see the ball.

tanmay:-if u say i can also bowl slow for u...hahahahahaha.

vijay:-no... ball as fast as u can.

second ball is furious bouncer and get passed very close to his eyes.

third ball vijay decided to hit anywhere and he hit and up she goes for six runs.
vijay couldn't believes he hit a six on tanmay's bowl.

this gave him confidence and he hit 2 sixes consecutively after this and now he needed 2 runs in 1 ball.

tanmay started and seems he will bowl the fastest ball he ever bowled.
but .....he bowl the slower one vijay doesnot accept the slower one from tanmay ,it loops in the air...

ravi is getting under it and he drops the catch and ball goes to the boundary.
vijay wins and he is dancing in joy.
tanmay scolded ravi for droping the catch.

vijay:-stop tanmay dont a shout on ravi, u try hard but luck is with me...luck always favours the brave.

tanmay:-sometime bangladesh also win over australia....ball is slipped from my hand otherwise it was a greatest yorker of all time.

ravi and vijay both laughed on this.

tanmay:- don't laugh ...

vijay:-ok so now i will turn my day dream into reality.

ravi:- hey now can anyone tell me what is this day dream .

tanmay told the ravi about the day dream that vijay saw.

ravi:-hmmm.....vijay ur dream comes into reality but tanmay wake u in between dream so now its interesting to see what will happen after waiter brings the bill.

tanmay:-nothing will happen..after that...now ravi u get ready at 6pm we will go the hotel for dinner.

ravi:-sorry friends i had to go to temple with my family.

vijay:-is it important to go to temple?

ravi:-yes there is a puja it is been organized by my grandfather so i had to go there.


tanmay:-vijay u will be ready at 6pm i will pick u from ur home.

at 6pm tanmay at vijay's home...

vijay is ready and they both went to the hotel IMAGINATION.

vijay:-tanmay this is an expensive hotel why u come here?i will not give a single rupee in bill.

tanmay:-because here lot of hot and rich girl comes and dont worry this dinner is from my side.

vijay:-tanmay "life me bus,ladki aur train ke peeche kabhi bhagna nahi chahiye".

tanmay:-ohh shut up.

both order the food whatever they wanted and when waiter comes with the bill

(now till here vijay sees the dream after that tanmay wake him)

suddenly tanmay saw a beautiful girl sitting just 2 tables from them and she is sitting alone.

tanmay:-waiter brings the bill after sometime.

waiter:-sir u had to order something ,u can't sit here without ordering anything.

tanmay:-huh....two icecream...both vanilla.

waiter :-ok sir.

tanmay:-vijay now see my magic.

tanmay goes to the girl's table.

tanmay:- hi iam tanmay .hru miss.....

samera (said the girl).
tanmay:-nice name.why are u sitting alone in this hotel..asi know no one comes alone in this hotel.it is a very nice hotel.

samera:-iam not alone iam waiting for my friends.

tanmay:-ohh....iam also come with my friend vijay.



samera what so?

tanmay:-don't u think we should meet somewhere.


tanmay:-just to make our friendship more stronger.


tanmay:-ya dont u think now we are good friends.

samera:-ok but we are just friend.

tanmay:-do u have mobile...this is my number can i have urs?

samera:-ok but dont call me i will call u tomorrow and i will tell u the place to meet.now u go my friends will come soon.

tanmay:- ok see u later .

vijay:-sorry i eat ur ice cream too.its melting fast.

tanmay:-no problem...do u know that girl gave her number we will be meeting tomorrow.

vijay:-tanmay....i dont know but i think girl is not good.

tanmay:-great..iam getting a gf so what u have any problem.u just turn ur dream into reality and if i didnt wake u up u will see this things and then i will proposed her here.

vijay:-ok as u wish.

after that tanmay phone rangs.
tanmay:-hello .
on the phone samera is there.

samera:-hi tanmay

tanmay:-hi samera why u call me ,u are just 2 tables away from me
samera:-hey my friends didn't believes that i have a Date with a handsome and smart guy like u...can u convience them ,after 5 minute i ask from u, u tell them from ur table that we are having a date.


after 5 minutes.
samera shout from her table

samera:-hey tanmay u are .....

tanmay didn't notice that the waiter is standing at the samera's table and also samera didn't say whole sentence she just say"tanmay u are".

tanmay:- yes i will don't worry.

after that samera gone form the hotel and waiter now brings the bill at tanmay and vijay's table.

waiter:-sir did u want any more .

tanmay:- no thanks.

waiter:--this is ur bill sir.

tanmay:-how much?

waiter:-2894 rupees and 45 paisa.

tanmay and vijay shocked.
tanmay:-what the hell u are saying...we didn't eat that much.

waiter :-yes sir u didn't eat more than 700 rupees but u say that u will also pay the bill of the madam who is sitting there.

tanamy:- i didn't say this.

waiter :- sir that madam ask "tanmay are u" and u said "yes i will don't worry".that madam told me that ,that u will be paying the bill and u also confirm that at that time.

tanmay's situation is like"katto to khoon nahi"
after hearing this both are shocked.

atlast tanmay called his father and his father comes and pay the bill.
tanmay's father is a not studied higher so he doesnot know english he will be speaking hindi in this series.

his name is mohanlal.
Mr. mohanla:-are gadheda tujhe samjha me nahi aata kya....tujhe kitani bar samjhaya hai..ladkiyo ke chakkar me mat aya kar.

tanmay:-sorry galati ho gayi pappa.

Mr. mohanlal:-kya saree.

tanmay:-pappa saree nahi sorry ...maaf kar do.

Mr. mohanlal :- ha vahi saree.jab jeb me rokada nahi tha to itna itraya kyo."nanga nahayega kya aur nichodega kya"aisa haal hai tera.

after that next day ravi,vijay and tanmay sitting at the place where they called their addaa.

ravi:- i couldn't stop laughing whole night ..after hearing the incident...my whole family also laughed and enjoy it.u make good entertainment last night tanmay for me and my family.

vijay:- (also laughing but not as loud as ravi).tanmay did u call on this number.

tanmay:-ya.it says number is not in service.

ravi:-vijay so ur dream comes into reality.and it means what ever u saw now in day dreams will be true.

tanmay:-i dont think so its just the co-incident and my badluck.
otherwise it will not happen.

ravi:-i dont think so..i believe vijay's dream.

vijay:- iam also believing now .
ravi:- so vijay we have a test tomorrow of social science .the subject which we hate most. u go and sleep now and see can u see the dream about our test.

tanmay:-ohhhh both of u still believes in this fake things ..iam saying this is just the co-incident.

ravi:-ok tanmay but what's the problem in checking that it is co-incident or we got the magic boy with us.

vijay:-ok iam ready and now iam going we will meet in the evening here.

at 5pm
vijay wake up from his dream and a clever smile comes on his face....it seems he saw something interesting...

lets see in the next episode what he saw.


  1. this is getting really interesting .. a lot better than the first one i must say :)

  2. @pretty me ya iam trying to make a combination of comic,suspense and romance

  3. Hey Chirag,

    That was funny!!
    Good attempt from your side..

    Waiting for Part - 3..

    Keep up the good work..



  4. Nice story! And guess what, one of the character's name is almost like mine! WOW ... :)

    Chirag, I liked the story telling ability - you know what you have to tell; however, you change in between ...

    One more thing, I liked the way you took the words from the readers ... That’s the spirit dude ...

    Now, some serious thoughts on this. There is a huge list of mistakes in both the stories - in English Grammar and trust me, you need attention. I can understand that you may not know English Sentence Construction too well; but that will be improved as you write more. One way to improve your writing is to write - more and more!

    Do not let your ignorance of English Grammar come into the way of your writing. It’s a skill issue and can be improved with your sincere efforts. Please take help of Prats, as she has wonderfully extended her hand here. You may ask anyone whom you find comfortable to interact with.

    While you write, please remember the following few words from me:

    Forget your SMS language! Do not use 'u' for 'you', 'dnt' for 'do not' and 'knw' for 'know' anytime. Do not take support from wrong words while writing. This will help you improve. Write the whole words - no shortcuts!

    Write in Microsoft Word - not in Notepad or any other editor. That will show you your mistakes easily.

    Read more English writes (Blogs / websites / newspapers).

    Try to think the sentence in English before typing it. Do not translate your thought in Hindi or any other Indian Language. Once you start thinking it right, you will write it right too.

    Write slowly. Posting is important - writing correctly is more important; hence, write slowly and post only after reviewing the post at least twice and when you are happy with the write.

    We all learn mate, and learning is a never ending process ... If you continue writing and writing with your head down and putting more effort, you will be able to write properly.

    Best of Luck ... Keep writing ... Hope to read more of your Day Dreams ...

  5. @tan thanks yaar
    you tell the right things to me
    iam trying to improve this
    and will take care of the things that you said not to use here
    specially whole word

  6. I love to go bowling.... what a nice story.


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