January 21, 2009

The Darkness of Eyes...

I tried to look inside my eyes,
And what I saw was a frightful sight,
They appeared as if they were dead,
Every emotion as tear had been shed...

There had been a long wait for love,
To fill those eyes with a peaceful dove,
But the wait I think had never ended,
And the black beauty was left unattended...

The emotion were as dry as a desert,
Wandering here and there, looking for their shepherd,
They lost the war that was never meant to be fought
Hopes and desires will never cross their paths...

People always saw a cheerful dose,
As if comparing thorns to the rose,
The eyes were pinched by the broken glasses of the past,
I wish the pain could be kept behind the bars...

That day they swore never to love again,
Life had driven them completely insane,
Though not blind, it became all dark,
All that was left were the lonely marks...


  1. good work...
    keep it up
    lines are very beautiful

  2. @tweety: it went straight to my heart.. thank you so much for writing this.. really..

  3. @pink

    ur most welcome princess...i am glad u liked it...


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