January 21, 2009

That night at Pemako - 4

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The next day, she told Ishant about the phone call. They later on planned to inform this to police. They soon left for A10.

“Hello, this is Inspector Eddie Thomas here,” The police inspector said to Ishant and Ananya.

He was brown and had a short hair. He was 6 feet tall and was looking like a typical Mallu . He had a bunch of “medals” on his chest, though they don’t really mean anything .He just liked to show how they looked.

“Sir, we are under a serious trouble, we need your help,” both pleaded and said everything about what happened. They told him about Sami’s death and about the phone call they received.

“So, who could it be,” Inspector Eddie asked them.

“Sami,” Ishant said.

“The Tibetian guy who followed us,” Ananya said to the police officer. “What?,” Ishant was now confused .

She said about the Tibetian guy who followed them for a while and later on disappeared.

“Interesting case,” Inspector Eddie was keen to solve the mystery. Both had high hopes on him.

“You can go now, I will call you soon,” The police officer said to both of them..

“Please, don’t let our parents know all these,” Ananya said to the police officer and they left.

Ananya and Ishant had a sigh of relief for a while.

Inspector Eddie and his team had already started with the investigation work. Along with cyber crime officials and research experts, he traced the network of the person.

Three days later, Inspector Eddie had called Ananya and Ishant to the police station.

He showed him a person whose face was covered with a black cloth.

“Remove the cloth from his face,” he ordered the constable.

“This is the person behind everything,” He told both of them.

As the police constable removed the cloth, Ananya could not believe her eyes.

“Oh my God!, how could he be the one? ,” Ananya was shocked for a while


  1. thats reallly getting interesting
    and suspens to shandar hai...
    now who is behind all this....

  2. Uh... this is some serial going on, and stops at the most exciting moment...!!!!

    Ste next part...

  3. i second aakanksha...u stop at the most exciting point..ste plllss next one soon...

  4. I have nothing to tell you but FAST!!!!

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