January 21, 2009

वो चाँद अधूरा सा....

वो रात का मंज़र,
वो चाँद अधूरा सा,
भुलाये नही भूलता, वो साथ अधूरा सा...

वो शरमाई आँखें, वो धीमी हँसी,
कुछ यूँ किया था उनका दीदार अधूरा सा...

वो सर्द हवाएं, वो सुनसान राहें,
चढ़ रहा था हम पर खुमार अधूरा सा...

वो सहमें कदम, वो घबराए से हम,
था उनकी आंखों में मेरा इंतज़ार अधूरा सा...

उस रात की कहानी अब और क्या कहूं...

वो दास्तान अधूरी, वो प्यार अधूरा सा...

वो रात का मंज़र,
वो चाँद अधूरा सा...!!!!


  1. excellent
    you put your thought very nicely

  2. MY reaction: Sigh!

    second reaction: Picturing the entire thing in my head

    third reaction : Tweets, kis ke liye tha? :P

  3. @chirag

    thanks a lot, i am glad u liked it...

  4. @prats

    yes pretty romantic n i tried my hand fr the first time at hindi poem...so i hope it was gud...

  5. @rashi

    oh i so wish it was fr someone...but nevertheless i am sure it must have been great scenario to picturise ;) :P

  6. @tweety: wonderful hindi..pretty lines and so expressive... you are great at hindi too shwe.. :)

  7. @kan

    thanks a lot dear...i was afraid i cant do hindi...so i guess i am wrong...

  8. thoughts well put across, though i prefer ur english works...

    i am not very good with hindi, though i intend to try it sometime soon! :D


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