January 26, 2009

Candle lit dreams

I said
"Come to me"
I want, I need
to finish off what's started

is that
I care about
truly in my heart?
That I can connect with?

Care, friendship?
trust and fidelity?
Listed, counted and thought
Long and hard and waited.

is that
I care about
from my heart's depths
Frustration. Dejection. Erase. Rethink. Restart.

of mine
See the day
of today, fourth Monday,
the 26th day of January

years since.
60 days since.
What changed, I wonder
What have I been doing?

I exclaimed
"Let there be"
At the end of
this deep deep dark tunnel

flickered slowly
Died, it didnt
I saw it strengthen
Slowly, it lit 100 more.

Word count : 120 

Ok. Now for my rant :P

First, about this poem. If you notice, in each paragraph, each line has the words equal to its the line no of the poem. This is not something I deliberately tried atleast for the first paragraphs but then it happened.

Today, the 26th January , 09 is the 60th year of India becoming a republic. It is also 60 days since the terror attack in Mumbai.

I was so down on inspiration that I told a fellow blogger that I probably wont participate. But this day and its frustration helped me get over my block. 

This isn't officially entry yet but if I cant come with anything better by 4th, I will send this in! :D


  1. oh...unique style indeed...
    inspiring poem...liked it!!

  2. Couldn't understand initially...thanxs for clarifying...unique style indeed.

    btw was this a rant :P ?

  3. gosh !! loved the wordplay !! really good !!! nice indeed...

  4. loved the wordplay, the structure :)

    loved the rant too :D

    inspired post rashi! :)

  5. i guess i am that fellow blogger.. :)
    but the wonder is here.. amazing wordplay indeed.. i enjoyed reading it and i read it again..:)

  6. i second prats....well written ,indeed a good one and i liked the design thing :P
    12345 pattern

  7. Different and Captivating to say da least! u have always managed to hold my attention with your works! And dis one does da same, again! Excellent! :)

  8. 'Frustration. Dejection. Erase. Rethink. Restart."

    Powerful words - they should inspire hope in those who are down!

  9. Well, thats a good poem... Thanks for letting me read it earlier ... I love the thought and your after thoughts on it too ... good concept ... good to read ...

    As I said earlier, generously told!

    ..................... Liked it :)

  10. This is Beautifully written
    Loved the writing style,
    New and fresh
    Talents galore

  11. I second Maverick... u always manage to hold my attention..!!
    Well, this was nice to say the least....

    Different, captivating and inspiring..!!



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