January 26, 2009

A New Life!!!!

Another beautiful morning,

A different experience in a way,

Start a new life,

At the beginning of each day!

The sun rises higher,

Nurturing life along its journey,

Every fresh breath of the pure air,

Tells a new story!

Time flows by,

The day progresses,

The mind grasps situations around,

Maturing in stages!

A hue of colours,

Spreads across the sky,

The sun setting in the west,

To home birds fly!

The day draws to a close,

A beautiful ending,

The mind slows down,

The effect too soothing!

Dusk settles around, darkness falls,

Preparations begin for the next fray,

The day sets, a phase of a journey ends,

For me, a new life begins, the very next day!


Word Count: 118

Am not pretty sure if this one fits the bill of a poem on the topic of inspiration. But the very fact that, at the beginning of every day, a new life full of fresh experiences awaits me, is more than inspiring for me to look ahead to waking up tomorrow. :)


  1. i agree..
    without this inspiration..life wouldnt be all that easy...

    good one!!


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  3. This was inspiring to me ... it should inspire anyone!

  4. brilliant train of thoughts :)

  5. @ ste
    Thank you! :)

    @ Chirag
    Dhanyavaad! :)

    @ Bobbi
    Glad u likd it!

    @ Prats
    am Honoured! :)

  6. Yeah this one's pretty inspiring ...Dunno why u feel otherwise ??


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