January 17, 2009

Can love be arranged???

Once when the weather was all about rains,
And love was all we thought when we switched on our mains…
That same question came to our mind,
Does love always have to be blind?
Can love be arranged?
But why did it seem so strange…

Yes was the answer we heard,
When the experiences our parents shared…
We knew love is a spectacle,
Yet about an arranged one we were skeptical…

For love stories were like singing & romancing in the rains,
All about winning over the opposing villainous brains…
But our parents were to be proved right,
As we got the good news in the night,
The minds & our eyes shining bright,
Our plans began to fly as high as a kite,
Though unable to see the couple which was still out of sight…

The days kept passing,
And so the excitement kept rising,
Along with the endless future planning,
For we kept eyeing,
The day we would click the new couple & the whole family together smiling…

Finally our dreams had a sunrise,
A big surprise…
Against the tide,
The couple had arrived…
They looked so in love,
Like a pair of white dove,
The understanding immense,
Though sometimes with a lot of dignified silence…

As was proved a fact,
That opposite attract,
The guy full of jokes and chatter,
And the gal full of mind over matter,
The guy so kid dish at times,
But the gal so mature to grow him up all the time…

To the almighty we pray,
Night and day,
That they stay,
Happy together,
No matter how the weather,
So that many years later,
When the children of theirs,
Question us the very same,
We would be able to take their name,
Love that god gave birth,
Yet it was arranged
And blossomed
On this very earth…


  1. very interesting take on love tweetie! :)

    another happy poem... i could try for a sad poem, but i dont think it would be my style! :)

    awaiting more wonderful pieces! :)

    take carez..!

  2. ps: i cant reply again...! :)

    u spellbind me this time! :)

  3. wonderful perspective about arranged marriage

    a kind os eye-opener for me coz i was always skeptical on arranged marriages

    Yet it was arranged
    And blossomed
    On this very earth…

    wonderful poem shwetha

    as always :)


  4. beautiful.......

    i am amazed as i am happy to see poets here ...that too who write beautiful poems like this
    kudos love can be arranged ...hmm

  5. @ leo

    yes an intersting take...somethng differnt frm convention...and i give u no chpice to reply it so i make it as happy as i can...n no u cant make a sad one...that wld be so unlike you...but thanks nevertheless

  6. @aparna

    so was i till recently...but nw i am more open minded to the idea of arranged marriages

    thanks a lot sweets...i am glad u liked it...

  7. @ste

    thanks a lot ste...and we owe it to u...if u wldnt have statrted the lounge it would be impossible to bring out our creativity...

  8. Awww!

    Love or marriage.. Whichever comes first, it is important that the other follows... Love isnt the most imp thing in marriage and marriage isnt the most imp in love!

    If 2 people are committed to make it work...it WILL work!

    Im glad to know some1 thinks along these lines!!! :)

  9. @Rashi: orchid bows to the philosopher.
    "love or marriage..whichever come first, it is imp that the other follows."

    @Shwetha: good one girl! love can be arranged oh yes!

  10. heheh...
    rashi the philosophical queen, eh tweety?

  11. My God, My God! what a name :)
    aw lovely poem, good it was though:
    The guy full of jokes and chatter,
    And the gal full of mind over matter

    been asking the same question again and over from everyone, love or arranged love, i am against the arranged it all, though. but then, it is flexible, changeable, alterable!

  12. yess yessss..!! u gave me strength 2 tell my parents abtthe various girls i dream to marry...!! (hope that one of them will b accepted/....!!! )

    me kiddin grl...n u know dat...but seriusly this post gave me the inspiration 2 ryt..again! yes i say it as u know i have been missing dis place fr quite a lot of tym...havent blogged fr a long tym now. AND I MISS U WL!! but i guess now i have the inspiration.......

    Thanks a lot sweety...and really nice poem...as usual...so i wont waste more tym commenting on it.. ;P ... tc


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