January 17, 2009

The Last Time!

The night is dark,

The Stars in the sky shine,

When we meet together,

For the last time!

There is no one around,

Just you and me,

And the heavens above,

Stretching as far as you can see!

You come close to me,

I hold you to my heart,

Wanting to savor the moment,

Till death do us apart!

I may never see you again,

The realization dawns on me,

My love for you is endless,

An emotion full of sanctity!

I wish you would never go,

With my soul torn and bleeding,

My heart already wrenched apart,

Anticipating a life without a meaning!

I kiss you one last time,

The heaven and earth merge,

Time stops around us,

An eon escapes in a surge!

There are tears in your eyes,

That burn through my soul,

But I smile to bid adieu ,

Disguising my impulse to never let you go!

You leave me standing there,

Never turning back,

My dreams tattered in pieces,

My world goes black!

I try to leave the place,

An agonizing tear escapes my eye,

The sorrow of parting with you causes,

My heart to beat for the last time!


  1. sad love maverick.

    "even as a soul above,
    i look for you always,
    for you were my love,
    until my dying days."

    could this be a continuing verse do u think?

    loved your poem dude... nice emotion...!

  2. parting with loved ones can really be a difficult feeling to endure

    its thoughful of u to think about that scene and u converted into beautiful lines with this poem

    and the continuation by leo rocks too where he awaits the nest meeting

    its wonderful what poems can do


  3. @ Leo
    TY! nd ur verse adds more soul to the poem! thx! :)

    @ Aparna
    Thx for ur compliments! :)

  4. mav amazing a sad but still lovely poem full of emotions....

  5. @Maverick: orchid is all sighs.. :(

  6. Oh Kajal! i don't know wat to say? didnt intend to mak u sad! srry if i did so! :(

  7. @Maverick: lines were like that.. couldn't help it.. anyways your reply is up... check it soon..:D

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  9. it was fine. Just. except for these four lines:
    I kiss you one last time,
    The heaven and earth merge,
    Time stops around us,
    An eon escapes in a surge!

  10. any particular reasons for this, Asbah?


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