January 15, 2009

List is not Fair

its a shok to me when i heard the news that ICC puts sachin tendulkar at 26th number in all time great batsman's list .its a shame on ICC how could they put the greatest batsman of the world to number 26 and mathew hayden,kumar sangakara,and kevin pieterson is above him,they are good player but not good as sachin.

highest runs in test cricket,highest run in ODI,highest number of fifty and hundred's both in test and ODI.most man of the match and man of the series award.what more ICC wants now from sachin.

ICC says that this list doesnot says that a player is great or not but the name they given to this list is"ALL TIME GREAT TEST BATSMEN".

they says that list is on the basis of the consistency of the player , now someone told them if sachin is not consistent then how will he get this number of runs.

i really disappoints from them they are partial.there are lot of incident where ICC is not fair with the asian team and specially Indian team.

friends tell ur comment what u think about this whole thing that ICC done.


  1. i am totally an anti sports person.. didnt go thorugh.. i am sorry..

  2. or i should say i am too dumb for anything related to sports..

  3. @pink orchid its ok u are an anti soprts person....but i dont think u doesnot know the sachin tendulkar and the way he plays his cricket till now..

    how anyone put him at 26th number..

  4. ICC have no sense...! :P

  5. well they have noted various criteria while considering the ranking ....sachin hasnt satisfied most of them....even lara isnt in top 20 nor alan border.....but as an indian i am a bit dissappointed...after all he is our god......and cricket is our religion++++

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  7. @The Solitary Writer ya u are right that they have some criteria..but i dont think that their criteria is right
    how can u put great tendulkar at 26th

    also sunil gavaskar at 20th position lara at 23.

    this is not fair


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