January 31, 2009

Before Grad School


Once again.. the winds of time,

Challenge him unto a new ordeal,

The past has been terrible,

The present is as yet-


The future looks bleak,

But see does he.. a glimmer of hope..

An omen that things may not be-

That bad, as they seem to be.

Oh Almighty, give him thy blessings,

One last foray he does make into-

The sea of Academia,

Please bless him with success..

For if this is lost.. all shall be,

And he, shall die a pauper,

All dreams unfulfilled,

So seek blessings does he from You,

And thou who shalt be reading

These ranterings of a broken mind, please wish him luck,

This is his last hope,

For success, And then all shall be lost.. in the winds of time.

Word count: 134

Epilogue: A poem that I wrote to inspire myself for grad school (This is what they call anything post Bachelor's in the United States) after a debacle in the last year of my B.E. (Bachelor of Engineering) degree. From being a topper in the class, I ended up passing with only a second class in my final exam. Obviously, I was very depressed then..(one and a half years ago.)

The poem did its trick, and everything is fine now.


  1. Thots of a grad skool aspirant precisely put :)
    Well done :)

  2. nice bro.....
    describes the mindset of a person whose past has been disastrous in academics and whoz looking for a better future in the same...good


  3. I have an exam on Monday and dont feel like getting up from my warm warm bed :(

    This might just have been able to get up and get studying! gr8 work!

  4. nice poetry.. another different dimension to inspiration.. :)

  5. winds of time...woah!! self inspiring...and taking us in its wake as well....great to know that its all fine now...poems really do lift up ur spirits...its like sharing the frustration with a friend...a friend who is always thre to listen...writers are blessed with a friend for life!!

  6. God! how many good ones i missed... each poem is better than the next and the previous... :) kool :)


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