January 14, 2009

Names and nick names ;)

Nicknames !! We all have !! And another thing common with nick names is the story behind each... Was talking to Leo about his name when i thought to write about some of my nick names or what i am called among my friends..

Pratibha : Real name ( Only one person has never used any other name for me!!)

Meenu : Nick name given by family and relatives.

Prati : In school ( derived from Pratibha )

Prats, Prat, Pratsie : commonly used names (derived from Pratibha)

Pari : now this has a story.. when i had to make my gmail id,most of the combinations failed. One of my friend used to call me pari and luckily it got accepted as a part of my gmail id. From then my roomies and close friends use to tease me at times for this.Don't really know when they got used to calling me so...

Pretty : This one is derived from prati. One of my friend started calling me so and i loved it so much that i made it my Online identity :)

Biya : Latest... given to em by Asbah here.

Thats all the popular nick names i got... there are a few more but they are moe person specific and i will like to keep them unknown to rest ;)


  1. i would call u pretty prat...or even biya sounds cute :P

  2. hey ... pretty prats is my orkut name too :) anythign u call, i wnt mind :)

  3. @Prats: I will stick to prats.. lol.. out of all my nicknames I like "pink" the most.. :D

  4. so now i know y u r called pretty prats :)

    nick names do have an intereasting story to tell

  5. Good Collection of names Pratibha, you are lucky that people spent time to give you nick names ... Enjoy!!


  6. The reason I took so long to comment was I was thinking all my nicknames.

    Some nice..Some ugly..Some nasty..But each special

  7. anything is fine with me miss pink ;)

  8. btw

    i am going to write a post ....similar to this

  9. I don have any nicknames... but I got my first from Ste today... Aks... nice one!

  10. tru said Tan !!

    Thanks fr reminding Arjun ..

    @Aks : really nice one

  11. waiting for your post Ste !! i know u have lot of names to share :)


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