December 31, 2008

Where are you?

Click on the picture to enlarge.


  1. tht was poetic :)

    and nice picture..looks like its been made with crayons and wax colors


  2. this is such a beauty !!! loved it Tan !!! simply stunning :)

  3. wow.....a lovely posts and an awesome blog......


    i would love to have your comments on my short stories.....

    do visit my blog and have a go.....

    and wish you a happy new year....

  4. @ C R D

    The Painting is indeed good ... done with Wax Crayons, Paint Brush and Pencils ... the thing you do not know is that it was created on computer - with a software called ArtRage ...

    One of my friends did it - its a great piece ... He's equally brilliant!

  5. @ Pretty Me

    Thanks .. but you got Stunned? lol! How Stunning!

  6. @ Muthu

    Thanks ... but, which blog did you mean?

    I will look into your blog too ... I love to read good posts!

    Take care and yes - Happy New Year!

  7. muthu

    this is nt the place for publicity of ur blog

    if u wanna do promo of ur blogs then pls stay away from here

    i have seen ur comments on my blog too

    same words ,.....damm man.....better stay away if u wanna join this blog for that purpose

  8. at post

    another wonder full post ...bro everythings brilliant.....painting is good and gr8 to knw that this is made thru a software...woww

  9. this painting is made through a s.w ?? wow !!! can you tell me bit more of it Tan ??

  10. Hey Stephen, its ok dude ... dont get upset with Muthu ... lets welcome him and read his blog .. lets Encourage him so that he writes more ... our intention is to bring out talents - and it will be good if we can encourage such ones - who knows what we will get there?? So, chill ...

  11. @ STE and Pretty Me about the Software

    Even I am amazed to see this guy work in that software - while I could not move the mouse, he was drawing awesome pics!! Palash is really amazing in that!

    Well, the name of the Software is ArtRage 2 Starter Edition - go to google and you will find the download link for the trial. Palash has used only the trial version for creating such masterpieces!

    Check out ...


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