December 31, 2008

Birth of WL !! - how the lounge was created ....

It was 17th July,2008.I was enjoying my vacations after the completion of my Semester 6 exams.Exams got over on 21st June and my college was re opening on 21st July,2008.I was sitting all alone at home with nothing to do.I always used to be busy with some work .After completing my "The Fourth Seat" series,I planned to do something new.Yes,something different.I started with my "Office,Love" series.It was 4 pm when I got up from sleep.Went to sisters place and came back home at 5pm.I logged into my PC at 5:15pm,.I could not find any one online on my GTalk.Oh yes,Asbah came online at sharp 5.24 pm on 17th July,2008.

This is what we spoke.

5:25 PM

alaena.a: oh hi ste whats up?
me:fine u say
alaena.a: alhamdolilah better :)
me: hmm

5:26 PM

how have you been and hows college?
me: college from 21.btw did u see that mosaic tag of mine :p
alaena.a: no didnt? leme :)
me: thats how u do it

5:27 PM
did you check my last two posts?
me: doing .if u click then let me know

After few minutes.

6:11 PM
hey did u read mussadi man story :p i liked it too
alaena.a: yes awesome stuff ,sandeep is amazing., NO?
me: yes he is,i really admire the way these ppl do very creative ,his mussadi man one has really impressed me a lot

6:13 PM
yes infosys is a sad one
me: yes

6:16 PM
: true same here
me: whts ur email id

6:22 PM
email id? the same one ste ....alaena.a@gamil*
me: same one which u use for blogger
i mean for ur blog
6:24 PM
alaena.a: the same...
me: u got a mail :p
alaena.a: yes?
me: check it
alaena.a: did you send any?
me: yup

6:25 PM
: aha?
i love it :)
me: wht
alaena.a: something like a co-writer?
me: yes
alaena.a: is it our new blog ?
me: i am planning for a big thing

6:27 PM
aha.. joinin :)

6:32 PM
hey i am planning to name it as "The Writers Paradise"
hows it
alaena.a: Incredible :)
or maybe writer's lounge?
me: hmm its good
alaena.a: over a cuppa coffee :P

6:41 PM
we r done.
alaena.a: joined :P
me: lets se how many join.Hope we will get around 70 - 75 members one day. :)
and hows the blog template

6:42 PM
: wow :O
me: shud i change it to white
alaena.a: I hope we get to know others better :)
me: yes we wud
do u have other blogger frnd email id

6:43 PM
: Ty for using the name :)
no blackk is great
me: hmm
alaena.a: I love black for this purpose
yes, I will get you that in a day insh-Allah
me: hey tell me
i want a name for this blog for the blog url

6:44 PM
me: wht
wht does that mean
ohk we and words
alaena.a: what do you think?

6:48 PM
u are the admin :)

6:49 PM
me:i will give u admin privelege
u shud be the first to post
so ur honour madam
alaena.a: i am already posting wow
me:i mean in the new blog did u post

6:50 PM
: a comment :)
yes just...
me: k btw post
make a post
the blog will see a good writers post first
and we will arrange contests n all
wht say
let it be a success
alaena.a: ty :)
yes... Insh-Allah ... did you invited sandeep too?
please do.
me: am eager to read ur post on our new blog
i dont have his email id

alaena.a: I will post my old story..
me: sure

6:53 PM
: leme ask

6:54 PM
is sandeep online

6:55 PM
: yes he is
me: invited him
alaena.a: i will be back in a while
me: ask him to join
even me goin

Ok , now we were just 2 people in the newly made "Writers Lounge blog".We were very excited.Sandeep joined us the next day.Later on we three joined hands for the improvement and development of the Lounge.

This was how our blog was found

Remember 17th July every year ...Its The Writers Lounge day:p


  1. made me remind so many of my wonderful chats !!

    on the post, thaks to u dude... this place rocks !!

  2. wow ... ws really nice readin dis ste..d makin of our writer's lounge!!

    all credit to u ste..really..d amount of effort n energy u put into it..dats wht keeps it goin...proud of u!!
    n ya..asbah..great girl..for givin dis gr8 name...too gud..n esp d url name..i love it..

    n i got here coz of proud to be a part of WL....really! :)

    n it has such talented ppl around...its alwys a pleasure readin all...n its so happenin now!! love dis place! :)

    yup yup..will remember 17jul...."happy bday to WL" :P

  3. Amazing!!

    I'm glad to be a part of it.

    Thanks to everyone around...Got lots to learn too !! :)

    Shall never forget my date of joining it too !!

    Hope it will have still more members....


    70 more posts to make 500 posts!!!!

  4. wow...interesting to read about the day this beautiful place was created... where we get to pour out our emotions.. thanks to you, asbah and sandeep for creating writer's lounge... it has become a part of our lives for sure... hope we go a long long way..!!!

    cheers to everyone... writer's lounge rocks.. we rock!!!

  5. Ste.. Thank you very much.. Its nice to read how this wonderful blog is created... Sorry for the delay of comment.. I was in friend's place for New year blast..


  6. Good Good..!!

    It was nice reading it..!!

    This place rocks..!!


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  8. Over a Cuppa Coffee?? Hmmm ...

    Good thoughts Asbah! Subhan Allah!!

    Keep going ... Cheers for T W Lounge!

  9. oh wow, I missed that one :D

    LoL. when ste told me he'd be posting our log I thought he'd do some editing bit, i think it was a dragged one but no, he posted so Word to Word :P

    hehe, yeah see we were imagining if we could one day grow into 70 - 75, now we're even more and increasin everyday wow!

    although i still need a more dedicated place I hope we own a website soon too!

    Loads of love and wishes for the Lounge and the people who make it what it is :)
    and thankyou all. you make this place so special to be in!

  10. oh my god!!! i have got goosebumps..

  11. That seems really incredible :)

    Way 2 go, i suppose this is the learning curve for the lounge before getting into a dedicated place.

    That must have been beyond expectations i suppose :)

  12. it was nice reading how something, you wanted to be a part of , came into existence :)
    must say, a lot can happen over a cup of coffee ;)
    love this blog :)


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