December 30, 2008

After thought.

Yes, I know I am late in writing and posting this post but I have reasons for it.

5 days since the rain drenched lounge contest's last date of submission, and 5 days since me and my lappy is forced to have the tormention of a living without internet, which rendered it impossible for me to pen down (read it type) any afterthought that would cross my mind and drop it here.

Hello all, 
Today is Dec 30, which means that only one dusk is left in the dawn of a brand new year. I hope you all are doing great, making and remaking resolutions, year-end's closing ordeal and evaluations, this is also giving me an opportunity to ask you all to post your Resolution for the coming year, I hope it be a fun read! 

Anyways, what I want to write in here is my part of the story, the way this contest has touched me - deeply! well it has not only made dormant members to come in lime light and post and comment on others posts, it has also helped me find some new friends, Thanks to riversoul, Ashwin, Arjun, Pretty-me, Mona, Neha, Jack, Leo, Anurag, Tan! and I'm sure I must have missed many.

This has provided me an opportunity to have different perspective of a simple single thing, rain, yes; and the energy to write :)

Thankyou all.

I love it being here, I savoured the stories, yes I ripped some too, sorry for that, it was all in good faith and hope.

My broadband is ir-repairable for an un-defined time and I cant wait to come back and read the plethora of posts that are already posted on the lounge!

happy writing
happy lounging..
and 'new year :)



  1. hii princess!!
    oh net!! i knew..varna u r alwys der... :)
    missing u !

  2. Hi Asbah,

    That was nice - after thought - nicer because you DID NOT miss my name ... hehehe ...

    Well, sad to know you do not have access now - even I was out of office for one week ... did not read many of the posts - hence, could not vote too ... anyways ... thanks for this drop scene ... I hope people are happy to have this contest end this way - only thing left is the result, of course ... Not much of importance to many, I guess ...

    Take care and come back soon to the Lounge ...

    PS: Rain is not a small thing ... Read through the posts and think about the amount of energy involved in putting up this show - you wont say that again!

  3. proud of u girl


    baby is growing ehh!!! so a proud moment for we 3

    will be soon coming up with a post how writers lounge was created

  4. Hii Asbah..!!

    U havent missed my name as well... hehe

    And yes, I too feel pretty much the same abt the lounge especially with this Rain Drenched Contest. That's the best thing ever happened to the lounge...

    I've made many frnds as well.. :)

    Happy New Year..!!


  5. Ah !! now here you are !! missed hearing from you and your wonderful comments on my post :) !!
    glad you called me a friend !!


    come back soooooon !!

  6. she ws talkin bout new frnds ste!! tu purana maal hai...hehe

  7. hey asbah... nice afterthought.. thanks to this lounge even i found many new friends... a whole new world of people... it has become a way of life for me...

    thank you so much for creating this beautiful space (read place...)

    feels great to be a part of it... great to know all of you... hope we go a long long way... !!!!

    p.s. you didnt foget my name too.. yippee!!!

  8. hey asbah.. so glad to see my name he he.. well this has been a wonderful experience.. and frankly i have improved as a writer too :)

    cheers to our friendship and ofcourse the lounge


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