December 2, 2008

This Graffiti

This Graffiti

My life, is like a graffiti,
A large graffiti on the wall,
Everything shaped so perfect,
Yet you don't understand it all.

The black and white always run back,
And all this time i thought i was loosing,
They mix and match to form a grey,
And still you say you cant help me choosing.

Red has always been a bit innocent,
Gives me strength, teaches me the way,
But white and black mix and make it lonely,
Kill it and serve it out on a tray.

Green and blue, drive me mad,
Combine and give a cool resolution,
This coldness increases day by day,
Till the time i cant see any solution.

Yellow combines every bit,
Every piece of this drama,
Puts me into a sad trance,
Helps me out of this trauma.

At the end of the day, when i finish the spray,
I splash a can, on my useless graffiti,
And when it all subsides down, i hear,
Every color, and every line, mocking me.




  1. a colorful write but with a meaning behind it :) i liked this one ...

  2. Thank you!!!
    I like this blog, the comments are genuine.


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