December 2, 2008

You've got a mail/male...

This is my first contribution to this blog, so bear with me.

This was the topic give to us for on-the-spot creative writing work in WAD(Workshop on Aptitude Development [go to my blog for details]) and it could be interpreted as 'mail' or 'male' and I spun out a nice fictional story out of it which is what you are going to be treated to. (You can quit now if you want to skip the mindless stuff...)

Priyanka was angry and left alone yet again after her plans were foiled once again. All her friends were busy with their 'boyfriends' and had no time for her. Priyanka was left frustrated coz relationships confused her. She was a more tomboyish kind of a girl. There her friends were: Preeti with Amir, Teena with Tony and Deepa with Jeet, no wait, it was Preeti with Tony and Amir with Teena but hey! hadn't she seen Preeti snuggling with Jeet just last week in Cinemax on the last row? She could understand the boredom during the course of the movie, but she could not understand how the whole 'girlfriend-boyfriend' thing worked...

So there she was, all alone after her plans for a picnic got cancelled for the third time in a row. She sat there all alone in her room with her only faithful companion, her laptop with its internet connectivity. She logged in and started checking her email id for new mails, and even as she opened it, she thought to herself that it was useless checking coz there wasn't exactly anybody who would be sending her mails. She wasn't wrong... but as she was about to close it, she saw there were two new mails in the spam box. She clicked on it to check it out.

The first one was from a Mrs. Nancy who wanted to give her a large amount of property and money which had been left by her husband, and who had expressed a desire that these be given to somebody in dire need of them.

"Wow!", she said to herself. Finally God had listened to her prayers and had sent her some relief. It would change her entire life. Born and brought up in an orpahanage, and now living in a hostel, she had absolutely nobody in the world to call her own and was elated to think that it could happen to her. All her worries would vanish now!

This was her first reaction...She took a print-out and showed it to her friend's father, who was a lawyer. He went through it and informed her that she should be careful and not fall into these pits, because it was actually a fraud.

So today, she just made a face and clicked on the delete button without even bothering to go through the contents.

The second mail that she got was from the Jain community that wanted her to join their community, which was dedicated to forming matrimonial relations. "Marriage???", she made a wry face and was about to hit the delete button when she noticed an advertisement on the right hand side of the page for SpeedDate. "Hmm...", she told herself, "lets have some fun".

She clicked on it and reached the home page of the site for SpeedDate. There she came across a number of profiles from people who wanted to find dating partners. She noticed profiles of even Shahrukh Khan and Aamir Khan. And as if that wasn't enough, she got to see profiles of many 'Hollywood' actors as well. "Yeah right!", she told herself and went ahead with her search.

Then she noticed a profile which said '26, Single, owns a farm, loves adventure' with a nice photo attached to it. She clicked on it and found herself liking his profile. She registered herself on the website and fixed a date with him on an adventure camp (his choice of dating place), due in two days. She felt pretty excited about it and started packing for it.

She did not bother with the details about the camp, because after all, it was his responsibility to look after all the arrangements.

After two days, she reached the indicated camp spot, which was not very far off from the town, by a rickety bus and went into the office to ask for directions to the camp. But the man-in-charge informed her that there wasn't any camp scheduled to be held there for the next three months!!!

Feeling dejected, angry and idiotic after she'd told all her friends that she might be having a boyfriend soon herself, she travelled back the entire way to her hostel and told herself, "Never again would I tell myself You've got a male through a mail!!!"


  1. nice one for the first attempt ??? naaah !! this one was perfect :)

  2. That was funny! I was feeling really low and you made me smile :)

    Thanks a lot!

  3. @Pretty Me
    Thanks :)

    @Rashi V
    My pleasure, will try to dish out a few more...

  4. this was lovely and brilliant for a first attempt..

    and very funny as well.. :)

    keep going girl.. :)

  5. yeah i agree, i actually wanted to post earlier when i read it on my cell with GPRS, couldnt.. it doesnt allow me somehow..

    amazing for the first attempt. you know how to write :) and athough it was a Little predictable towards the end i thoroughly enjoyed it!


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