December 15, 2008

That rainy day...

"Why does it never rain when you are with me ??" He sounded so gloomy.

"How am i supposed to know dear ? God Knows!!"

It was raining again.... Just when we have to meet. It always happens so... As it is,it rains in bangalore anytime and everytime... but even if it is too hot and sunny all day, it will definitely rain when i have to meet Ayush.

"Ok! its stopped raining.. I am starting now"

"Hope you don't get your umbrella."

"High hopes!! I have no intention of falling sick.Any way unlike you,i do not stay with my parents but with room mates here"

"Ok...atleast reach fast. I have already started from home"

And it rained again while i was in the auto. but the thought of spending time with Ayush made my heart soar higher. I played with the raindrops falling from the auto sides, singing my favorite rain filled songs and messaging love notes to him.

Ayush loved choclates so i decided to get down at the bakery before going to our meeting place in the nearby park. I was paying the auto wallah when i heard his voice behind me.He was talking on his cell phone.and then i heard him say ...

"Don't be so naughty darling.. I have to meet an old friend.. Ya he is a guy dear.. no other girl is as sweet as my honey right... Ok baba.. i will be on time... Bye,,, love you ma sweet heart"

I could not turn towards him... My face was pale, eyes red with tears... Ayush, the so called love of my life,one for whom i fought with all my friends and family... He did not love me at all..

Suddenly the rains meant different to me. I regretted not getting my umbrella as i walked back home. I regretted falling sick for next 5 days. But i was happy it gave me time to be away from him.

I left him but rains took me in their arms till i was alone....


  1. just wondering about the first line, why does it never rain when i am with you line and then it states that it rains everytime...

    confused :(

  2. It rains before and after the meet but never at the time of the meet !! m i clear now asbah !

  3. Nice story.. Pretty You...

    The conversation tat u hear when u were paying the auto guy is actually the guy talking over the phone ryt??

    If yes, then it would be better if u mention tat....

    Otherwise nice story...

    U seem to be the most active rain story writer in this lounge..!! Gr8


  4. thanks for he read Lover :)

  5. Thanks for the suggestion Arjun .. edited the story accordingly ...

    WL has made me discover the story teller in me .. bit weak as of now but i promise to polish her with time :)

    thanks again !

  6. Gr8..!!

    For me, I'm basically not tat much of a romantic person....

    I have my own theories... but anyway, with this rain story contest, i've read so many romantic, imaginative posts that I no longer look at rains as just rains...

    Thanks to WL..:)


  7. true Arjun, even the mention of rains makes me remember my fav stories here, imagineing my own plots .. adding colors, feelings and of course rains to each of my visualisation :D !!

    ps : i m no romantic myself !!

  8. i havent read ths story yet

    may be will do it tmmrw

    i liked the picture.....

    a pix of an emo girl

  9. this is not exactly the emo i like but yeah .. u r right :) waiting for your reviews ...

  10. hey this was cool the pic too ...

    btw how many stories hv u written "pretty me"?...I also see ur comments in most of the stories :O

    Me guessing u hv read all the stories....Have you?

  11. thanks fr the liking anurag,,

    i wrote 4 stories, 1 55 fiction for rain contest,,,, and still we have 9 days, u never know ;)

    n yeah i read all of 40 plus stories :)

  12. We all meet scumbags in our lives... I believe in that staunchly!

    You kissed a frog and be happy because that is the only way we will value our Prince Charming!!!

  13. thanks.. thats really sweet of you "where thoughts are word$"

  14. ha ha !! wonderfully said Rashi


  15. *Hugs back* I really needed a hug today! Down with a bad cold *sniff sniff*

  16. Hope your cold is fine now Rashi :)


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