December 16, 2008


I dont want to fall.

I'd have loved to love you, if there was no 'falling' in it.


I don’t like rains.

Droplets risking a jump to enjoy a fall.

Leaving the benign skies, they end up filling slushpiles.


word count :40


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  2. ok.. i read it some how... as far as the comment part, that was so poetic :) nice thots...

  3. n i loved ds pic more than the first one :)

  4. Asbah,

    I need some more readings may be ... Just one thing I wanted to mention - last few lines from the poem I wrote when I was in college:

    I say it to you
    And I would say it to all
    Rise in Love, and never fall!

    ... ahem! This won me a first prize, mind you ...

    I'm not too sure, but felt like these lines are related ...

    But, if it would not have been for the falling, would you ...? :p

  5. Will read your post a few more times - tomorrow (I'm dead tired now) - and post my comments on that ... so many posts are also there ... hmmm ...

  6. wow says so much without saying anything .....But can it really be classified as a story ??

  7. even i feel is more of a free verse :)

  8. Loved it. Yes, probably more a free verse than a story.

  9. Loved it...!!

    Hey guys, forget abt stories now....

    Anything related to rain is accepted..!!
    Wat do u say asbah??


  10. yeah, a free verse, not a story at all, since you've said Arjun, this is just for fun - challenging ourself type thing :P and it is related to rain, No?

  11. shud say that it cudnt be better than this....

    bravo asbo

    *tries to rub his eyes that became red after a whole night stdy*

  12. aww ste, thankyou and i hope no one has pepper sprayed your eyes :P

    bets of luck for exams though :)

  13. is free verses really allowed ?? i can type lots of them ;)

  14. If it werent for the falling,
    If it werent for the surrending,
    If it werent for the vulnerability,
    If it werent for all that and more,
    Would it be love?

    Land into slushpiles they do,
    Puddles and puddles everywhere..
    Traffic curses, Umbrellas fly..
    But who knows it better than the parched earth,
    What rain truly is??

  15. lovely lines Rashi :) !!

  16. Thank you guys!

    I think I write better when I comment...Maybe I should become a critic :P


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