December 12, 2008

A Real Life Fairytale

"Once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale."

Eight years ago, it did indeed give me that fairy tale. It was that day that changed my life. February is not the time when God chooses to shower us with love, but on that Valentines Day, he did. I awoke to hear the pitter-patter of the raindrops on my window sill. It cheered me up. The rain gives a good atmosphere for poetry, and I had a competition that day. I was representing my school again, defending my title so I was determined to win.

I reached school, from where my partner Divya was waiting for me. After the remaining friends arrived, we left for the venue. I was dreamily staring out of the window, and Divya started laughing and teasing me saying I was dreaming of the victory already. I gave her a friendly punch and joined her in discussing probable topics. The venue was already bustling with students, and we went and registered. The rain had now stopped, and the sun was beginning to peek through the clouds. I took up a sheet of paper and joined Divya on the moist lawn, where she was already scribbling away.

The topic was love. I was into my second verse, when the heavens opened up again. Clutching my paper close, I ran for the glass house nearby. Ten seconds later, she came. I had not seen her before, but from her uniform, I recognized her to be from another branch of my school itself. She smiled, and I returned it with one of my own. No one else had decided to take shelter there apparently so we sat down and continued our work, talking to each other, introducing ourselves. Her field was art, and from her sheet, I could see she was excellent. Time flew, and 2 hours later, we had finished. She loved my poem, and I her painting. We had become fast friends.

We began meeting each other a lot after that, and soon our friendship changed into something more. True love perhaps, because we never let each other go… even now we are same. I still remember that day. Her painting, my poem and the rain…

We did not win the competition that day, but to this day I feel I won something better… Her heart.

Word Count: 398 Pic: coupleintherain by transatlanticthought.


  1. awww,,, that was so ... sweet ,,, like having a bar of choclate !! loved it loved it loved it soo much :D

  2. Vinay, I loved the title - i am such a fan for Fairytales and anything related to them :)

    and the one liner was awesome! 'Once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale."

    wow, so good.

    comming to the story: i really love the last two lines.

    her painting, my poem and the rain..

    and winning her heart.

    but take a look here:

    The rain gives a good atmosphere for poetry, and I had a competition that day. I was representing my school again,

    I think,Rain GAVE you a good atmosphere there :)

  3. Divya was ur partner for the competition is it??
    I thought it kind of misleads...

    But then.. nice post...
    Realistic and true...
    U've presented it well, even though it was simple .. :)


  4. divya was whose partner Arjun?

  5. @asbah
    glad u liked title and one liner!! :)

    i dint understand ur query... could u tell me what u meant?

  6. @arjun

    divya was my partner for the competition, we were sort of a team...
    but the gal who came into the glasshouse was someone else...!!

    its bit confusing i know!!

    it is true story only...thats what happened..!! :)

    thanks for liking it!

  7. Are you married? Did you marry that Girl? Did she change you? Did she try to? Did she change?

    Hope you tell NO to every question I shot ... hehehehe ... Sorry, no more personal touch ... truly a fairy tale ... Wish this happened everyday with everyone ...

    Fairy tale? Fairly told ... ;)

  8. @ Arjun

    I never felt confused while reading it ... Even though Vinay could have done well with telling her name to us ... but, maybe in some other post ... ;)


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