December 12, 2008

A Rainy Disaster....

It was raining cats and dogs that morning. I looked out of the window and cursed my luck. “Why does it have to rain just when I am running late for an interview?”, I thought. Nonetheless, I stepped out of my house.

I was shivering under my umbrella, screaming my lungs out for a taxi. Just then a strong breeze blew and overturned my umbrella, making it look like a ‘dish antenna’. The wicked rain waiting for this very moment totally drenched me.

Finally I got a taxi. Thanking God, I hurriedly got inside. “Bhaiyaji, jaldi karo”, I told the driver. But I guess it was a day for disasters. The taxi got a flat tyre and I was forced to take another cab.

Somehow I managed to reach the office for my interview. As I got out of the cab I checked myself out in the rear-view mirror, and to my utmost horror I was looking like the female version of Rambo with make-up smudged all over my face. Making a mental note to use water-proof make-up next time, I ran into the office.

That interview was the worst interview of my life. Not only was I spanked for reaching late, but also insulted to no end. As I stepped out of the office, it was still raining. Looking at the rain, I felt a strange sort of happiness inside. I ran out like a silly kid and felt the rain drops on my face. I jumped in the puddles, played with the rain drops and went home a happy girl!!!

I had finally realized that life is not always about success, achievement, power, money…. Not always about running a rat race. Sometimes, life is just about plain simple pleasure, about living for the moment, about enjoying each bit of it!! The magical rain had poured down and washed away my pain!!

Word count : 316

My humble entry for the contest… This is the first time I am writing a story. Comments and criticisms are most welcome. Also I would like to add that I loved all the entries. All the writers have done a commendable job. A huge round of applause for everyone and specially for Sandeep, Stephen and Asbah.

P.S. All the best to everyone!!


  1. why for sandeep mona?? he hasn't even written anything :P just kidding.

    i liked the story because i was also wondering about the same thing today. we had a bar-b-que today at our place and some guests were invited, and guess what? instead of evjoying every bit of it like by sitting by the fire, grilling meat, enjoying smoke and enjoying it in the meal - the so-called-Sophisticated people wanted it to be served in the lounge in a plate. I didnt really like it, because sometime, for the sake of fun, you have to play in mud, enjoy the rain, sit on the floor and grill beef!

    and running madly too :) i just realized!

  2. Hi, this is Tan .. a new creature in the Lounge!

    A Good Narration, Mona ... I liked the ‘dish antenna’ thing ... a perfect picture what happens to the girls I pass by while in rain ...

    One thing - Something is missing - I mean, is it complete? I dont know - may be the unusual work in office today made me feel like this ...

    Having said that, I liked each bit of it!!

    Thanks for sharing ... :)

  3. hii..nicely written
    i have written a post on the same lines will post it soon, about enjoying those little moments in life which stays with us for ever in our memories and which brings us pleasure when ever we think about it

  4. @ asbah.. that's true asbah.. sometimes its best to be instinctive, to do what you feel like rather than think what's appropriate... glad u liked it.. thanx!!

    @ tan... yes even i feel that it has a lot of raw edges, and even the ending didnt feel so right.... glad u liked it.. thanks for sharing your views... it means a lot!!

    @ jack... thanks for d appreciation... and looking forward to your post!!

  5. lovely post :)

    hehe and yes.. rain does make u feel like a silly kid.. trying to jump on the puddle n splash ppl around.. ;)

    ahh just makin u feel so relaxed n enjoy the moment :)

  6. very good realization...i liked the way you put it. and very good first attempt too!

  7. Loved each l;ine .. each feeling .. the dish antenna thing, makeup ;) and the freedom to be in rain !!! good one :) simple and sweet one !!


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