December 12, 2008

I Wish I Was A Child Again

My life is like a roller coaster ride. It has its fun, but it is going too fast for me to enjoy those moments. Today my life is ruled by the clock. Everything I do has a schedule. What time to get up, what time to sleep, when to meet with whom… even the time I have to go to sleep. Every second has its own importance, as I am chasing my dreams.

There was a time, when I was there for all those little things. They meant a lot to me then. A minute to say “I Love You” to my mom and give her a kiss and a hug, an hour to play shuttle with my sister be it rain or shine. I was there to help my dad with the repairs. Now I feel like I am a visitor in my own home.

Today it is raining. The monsoon has started. It is my favorite time of the year. Yet my life is dominated by the schedule, and I have a business meeting today. Lunch with a client… if all goes well, I could land the biggest deal of my career. I have to be there sharp at 12pm. I get ready and leave for the restaurant, blocking out cries of protest from my sister. I had promised to play shuttle with her. Another promise I have to break.

As I drive, my thoughts wander back in time. We were best friends, my sister and I. We used to race back in the pouring rain, shouting at each other. I always used to let her win. We would stop by a little roadside café, eat bhel puri and drink steaming coffee. After we reach back home, she used to dry my hair for me. She never let me do it. A hug from her and I would feel the warmth again. Now by the time I get back from work, she is fast asleep.

Sounds of traffic get me back to the present. I sadly wish I had time for those little things. They mean a lot to me, to my loved ones. I can see little children on the footpath, with paper boats, playing in the rain, splashing each other happily.

Seeing them play in the rain, I look up to the heavens and make a wish.

God, I wish I was a child again.

Vinay(aka Leo) 398 Words.


  1. Time is what matters! NOTHING can compensate the time we give or do not give to out loved ones. you see, a dad working for 13 hours for the sake of money thinking that only thats what his child require is a wrong approach at all. the best you can give to your people is your company, and ear to listen to them, you to help them!

    Time - most importantly :) because thats the most precious of things afterall - which cant be returned! seldon understand so though!

    nice read!

  2. Well Vinay ... a good wish - all of us have that ... and you know the tragedy? None of ours (this) wish will get realized!! hehehe ...

    Well, I have a few concerns in this post - a few gramatical errors ..

    even the time have to go to sleep
    =>> even the time has to go to sleep

    sharp at noon =>> when we use 'sharp' better we put a definite time ... noon = 12 PM, isnt it? hmmm ... I said 'better' ...

    I loved the narration and strongly feel that you could have put more rain here and there ... what say??

  3. @asbah
    thanks, glad u found it a nice read.

  4. @tan,
    regards the 1st grammatical,
    it was rather that I missed "I" before the "have"

    regards the 2nd one, error identified and corrected!! thanks dude.

    er, yeah... more rain i will try next time...!! :D

  5. I completely agree with Asbah... I can see something similar with my brother and I hope I dont let time slip out of my hands!

  6. i think many of us can relate it to ourselves.. i agree to asbah and rashi, time is the best thing you can give to your loved ones, in race of life we have to make sure that we dont run so far away, that when we stop and look back we have no one around

    anyways nice read, agree with tan more rain was required.. keep posting :)

  7. yeh.. all of us can relate it to our lives.. some way or the other..
    and trying to make up for the lost time..

    lovely post :)

  8. can relate to it completely ...


    miss my childhood !!


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