December 9, 2008

Rain! Rain! Go away!

One feels magical when it rains. Everything seems so fresh around us. I always felt it’s nature’s way of telling us that she is happy. Keeping the scientific facts aside,I really felt so.

I had this cute little family of birds outside my window. The mother gave birth to two babies just the day before it started raining. I wasn’t happy at all. You would think I was worried about the birds. Well, I was. I was panicking. That very moment, I felt like providing them some shade or bringing them in. But then the mother managed to cover them up. One fine day, she went hunting for food. The baby-birds were shivering and were totally wet. The whole day passed by but the mother did not return back to her nest. The next morning marked the death of one baby bird. The other was still alive.Without thinking much, I took the baby bird inside my room. It was being eaten by a white-transparent worm inside. I,somehow,managed to remove the worm. I knew she was in a very critical stage. Cookies? Water? Milk? I tried it all. She drank water bit by bit by the help of this little spoon I had with me. I cannot describe how happy I was when she started drinking the water. Next,I know she was drinking Milk without any difficulty. I tried crushing some cookies and fed them to her. All of a sudden,her eyes were closing. I got scared and tried to push her a bit. She opened her eyes again. I went like ‘thank god,she’s fine’.I made her rest on this warm piece of cloth. She was sleeping in peace. I checked on her after an hour by pushing her slowly. There was no reaction.I did the same again but she just fell off like a Robot.I felt like crying. I felt guilty. I kept asking myself if I did the right thing by bringing her in. I couldn’t sleep for the entire week. The only scene that still keeps flashing to me is when she starts drinking the water. Next morning,the mother arrived and kept searching for her babies. The ironic part? The rains stopped.

May she rest in peace. I wish I could whisper to her ears : It’s not raining anymore,you can fly now.

The rains have gone away but they took YOU too.

Word Count : 399


  1. Twitter twitter..Fly away little one.. Find solace in a better place. A place where it need not rain to be clean..A place where its beautiful all around..A place which truly lies over the rainbow!

  2. cute story...the weird thing is sumthin like dat actually happened wid me.. :(

  3. Thank you guys. :)
    I still miss that bird.

  4. Only a true story can be narrated like that. Liked the homely environment in the story. It was nice and warm – though, with a sad ending. Thanks for sharing.

  5. wow...

    my heart twitched a lil....the lounge has never felt better...this was what we had hoped for when we started off this space...where talented writers could write at the drop of a hat on a common theme...and by the grace of god, we do have a talented bunch here....each one a marvellous piece...

    your post had a ring of truth around it. the simplicity with which you narrated the same is cant deal with such a topic with flowery words...well done anamika...was really touching...

  6. written well ...the way u have written is appreciable ,..... really nice u have expressed it well

    rains have gone,but they took you too :)

  7. wow ste...i really love the depth of ur comment ;-)

  8. No, No!

    i really wonder if genius people think alike? i had three ideas for this challenge, the one was what Rashi described, although mine was a little different but it had a girl perfectly ready for her final presentation and the car broke down and she was walking and it started to rain!

    and I swear the second was somewhat, Somewhat like that... a bird, two kids, flew off.. one fell down and a cat would enjoy the meal and... no i will write and post that later on :D

    but lovely read.. wow!

  9. oh, and that also reminded me of the song, Rain Rain go away!

  10. hey that's a really cute story ....loved the way u ended it ....

    btw @ trinity....don't you hv your own personal blog and you write only for the lounge ??? ...I ask that coz u have moi in the blogs you follow list and yet I haven't really seen you that much around :O

  11. yo guys!!!
    going good

    well guess my story wasnt that gr8

  12. Oh.. Tats sad.. :(

    I mean, one automatically feels sad for these helpless little creatures....
    Nice begging to blogging, anamika..!! ;)


  13. This was my first blog post. I want to thank you all for your comments. :)

  14. @Anurag

    I do have two personal blogs but I haven't posted anything in it. I'm not that good with words,you see. :D

    I was invited to the Lounge for the contest. All thanks to Stephen. :)

  15. wow! i wish if i will l ive long enough to see you flourish. This was too good for the first take!

    keep writing !

  16. @ Trinity

    "I'm not that good with words,you see. :D"

    What was this girl?
    This was more than good :)

  17. Thanks,I'm going to start blogging soon. :)

  18. again a true story .. but a cute one ! may the little birdies rest in peace !

  19. wow.... wasnt that superb? rain and birds... very nicely thought of and well written.. loved the last line...the best part is that the story feels complete with just the right amount of words and feelings put into it... which is really important... great work trinity.. enjoyed reading.. cheers!!!

    p.s. sorry for commenting so late...

  20. @ Pretty Me,Ani & Mona

    Thanks a lot. :)


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