December 10, 2008

My first and last crush.....

It was 26th July, 2005 and 12:30 pm. It was a special day for us as our project’s fate was to be decided by Microsoft .Our project team comprised of 5 people which included Sandeep ,Richa , Isha and Piyali. Sandeep was our team leader who was assisted by his wife Richa. We were getting ourselves prepared for the final presentation which was venued to be held at TAJ. Mr. Bill Gates and Herald Jacobson were supposed to attend our presentation and the fate of our project solely depended on those two gentlemen. Sandeep had asked us to wait at CST at 3:15 pm and he would pick us from there. At Accenture India ltd, there was one person whom I liked living with. She was Isha.Isha was my school mate and today she is my project team mate. During these 8 years, I could not confess my love to her.Piyali was the only one who knew about this .She asked me to propose Isha after our presentation. I was nervous ,not just as it was D day for us also because I was afraid of how Isha would react to it.Piyali had always told me that Isha had a good impression on me.She seldom spoke to me despite of the fact that we belonged to the same project group. She was a reticent person.I always used to stare at her beautiful brown eyes and her alluring cheeks .She was an angel on earth.It was 2:15pm when I called Piyu and Isha to wait for me at CST.I reached CST at around 3 pm.It was completely dark outside.It was raining like cats and dogs.The day was overshadowed by the darkness of night.I was standing at the main gate .It was already 3:15 , I was expecting Sandeep to pick me up.Few minutes later,Sandeep called me to inform that our presentation has been cancelled owing to heavy rains.I also learnt that many houses were swept away in the torrent.I was worried for Isha and Piyu.I was expecting either Piyu or Isha to call me,but they didn’t .After few hours,Piyu called me stating that she was stranded at Dadar Station.There was no news from Isha.I was stranded at CST with my laptop concerned of Isha.I tried calling Isha,but the line was busy.The next day,I learned that Isha was drowned to death.I was shocked and speechless, after all she was my first and my last crush.

word count = 400


  1. A Perfect Score ...

    Another Sad Ending!

    I would like to draw a Moral out of this: Tell what is there in your mind - dont wait for the rains to wash the cause away from you...

    Nice story (hope its a story)!

  2. Are Stephen bhai..y do u either send off or kill off your potential lovers?? hehe but nice story..sad ending...liked it.

  3. now one on! i completely agree with adi...ste's crushes are either swept away or get lost in the crowd ;-) ...luck will shine on you one day sure...he he...

    back to the post...good concept...i think you introduced a lot of characters within the 400 words. That took a little away from the feeling you could have created for isha here...on the positive side...introducing so many characters and still narrating the story well calls for an applause...great job ste...

  4. n a pat for that perfect 400 bro!! perfect...he he...

  5. tsk, Not Amused.
    bring something newwwwww steeeeee!!! for Heaven's sake, why does your story have:

    1) Sandeep (oh yes I am jealous)
    2) Richa, and that also Sandeep's wife (someone else out there is envious :P)
    3) Your crush, which is a secret
    4) 8 (long) years.
    5) Microsoft/billgates/Accenture
    6) Isha
    7) Tragic ends (you never never never get the girl!)

    why????????? Not, Stop ogling at her you moron :P lol


    *pats on ste's shoulder* wow! you made it right at 400 :D wow!

  6. why does your storIES *ALWAYS* have:

    8) do you have something for Ashu, Isha and girl with names like that?

  7. @ the lover

    Roflmao ....He does it in every Story doesn't he ....

    But yeah I kinda agree...this one was bit thanda :P

  8. well guys.....enough of criticism


    thanks ur words provoked me to write another one need ur views abt that

    oh yeah time will come when ste's crushes will dance with ste hahahaha

    and nt swept away

  9. see

    tan was the only person who appreciated my work

    see he got the moral ...
    Tell what is there in your mind - dont wait for the rains to wash the cause away from you...

    perfect man

  10. hmmm... too many useless charaters .. 3 were enough ... and sad ending is fine wd me .. but den make it real dramatic :P !!

    nice story ... loved it more than your other story :)

  11. yeah no wonder the moral was nice, Tan is new around and doesn't know about your stories na :p

    but i am glad it made you write another one..

  12. And the new one is even gooder - isnt it?

  13. Nice one.

    Wish it had a happy fairy tale ending. :)

    Good luck for the contest.

  14. Ste... Since you never never never get the girl, you better lose all the girls on a blog than in real :)

    Mumbai floods :( This actually might be some1's true story... that makes me sad!

  15. We all pray for Stephen ... Hope he gets his girl ... but, at your age dude, its an achievement to be able to lose so many girls!! Great going ... keep it up ... :p

  16. oh step.. feelin really sad for u now.. hehe man a missing all the gossip.. hehe should be more regular now.. :P

    lovely story must say.. agree with tan.. dont wait just tell..

    so have u written the other story yet??

  17. lol

    written and posted

    even she is a woman ....check it naa

  18. hmm... realy nice one stephen... fast-paced... kept me hooked onto it till the last word... the end could have been better though.. but i can understand... the word limit... nice description of isha.. (winks).. lol... cheers !!!


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