December 11, 2008

One rain, many faces..!!

On a lovely wet evening with my car’s wipers dancing in unison, I along with Anjali were speeding along a deserted road. I wondered if God had lost patience with me and gifted me this free car wash. Anyway, as I steered along I managed a few glances towards her sitting next to me. As usually, she was lost. It was on one such rainy evening that we had hugged each other an ‘I-Love-You’. Since then, every spell of rain makes me nostalgic and it gives me goosebumps. I loved rain.

It was only a while back that she had called me and said- “ Can you pick me n take me home now?” And here I am, as loyally as ever obeying her instructions. Anyway, I thought I should remind her that I was still alive and said- “Hello madam! Lost into wonderland?” No reply. It wasn’t her birthday today nor were we married to remember the anniversary date and all that. Anyway, she would tell me if there is something.

Also I had my own problems. Me and nature shared close associations, in the sense that every time it rains, I get a ‘Nature Call’. I spotted a public rest room, parked the car, informed her- “ I need to visit the White-House” and ran to finish my duties. I came back, pulled out my blazer from the rear seat, put it on, hit the accelerator and said- “ From the White-House to Your House” and left. I felt like James Bond, with a sulky Bond girl on board.

After a ride for an hour, which included few more of my featherbrained jokes greeted with ‘no reactions’, we reached the end of her street where I usually drop her off. In an attempt to cheer her up, I pretended to call up someone on my phone and announced- “ Hello. See, in 5 seconds Anjali is going to laugh….. 5,4,3,2,1” and I looked at her in anticipation.. She pulled me over by my blazer, rested her forehead on my chest and started crying. She said - “ Please drop me off at the gate.”

Something was seriously wrong. As we approached I saw people and an ambulance outside the gate. She held my hand tight with her forehead still resting on my chest- “ My mom. 2 hours ago. Heart Attack.”

Now, every time it rained, memories killed me.

Word Count = 400

P.S- I somehow dint want to post this tragedy ending thing since many posts were posted on similar lines already. But anyway, better to post than store. Rain and humor, not impossible I guess, so wait for my ‘Happy Post’. ;) Thank You!


  1. Ok! This may sound damn mean but I didnt see a tragic end at all. I mean look at it this way. In a time when she needed someone the most, she called you. 10 yrs from now, it will stop hurting and she will remember you and what you did!

    Death is an inevitable part of life. The only thing that is constant but what makes it easier for others who are left behind in this cruel world are the shoulders on which one can cry and you were that shoulder :)

  2. rashi...a big pat on the back for that we do have a bunch here at our lounge who comment regularly without, ste n asbah had been doing it earlier...this was what he had dreamed off when we started this lounge...of a lounge which wont be another re-posting option for bloggers, but where bloggers could unite and stretch themselves with initiatives like these...and see the effect...just a glance through all the stories makes us all swell with pride...its a treasure i tell you...we can invite our friends over to the lounge with a cup of coffee and i am sure they would return wet(no pun intended..he he)

    back to the post...different arjun...different from the humourous stuff you keep on posting...but sweet...n the flow is just flows perfectly...every sentence is measured and blends into the next a nutshell...natural writing...didnt see this kind of end coming up...see..i am used to your twisted humourous was expecting something like that...even i think rain and humour are not impossible...

    some amazing stories guys...every single one is up there...speaks volumes of the kind of bloggers we have here...and thanx a ton guys for making this initiative a success and taking ur time out to write such marvellous pieces...i am shaking in my boots...coz if i dont come up with a good one now...i will be bludgeoned to death...he he...will write one soon...just lil caught up with work...cheers guys...our lounge rocks! ;-)

  3. Tragic ?? Death is not tragic .. to quote some one, death is juat another phase of life ... Its inevitable .. I think this story is just perfect ... thanks for not bothering to keep it to yourself :)

  4. @ Rashi
    I know.. I understand....
    It was written with that intent and am glad people could feel it. Thank You


    There is no words for this blog man.... Such a vibrant place... I've been commenting all over the place and tats the same with everyone, which is the greatest part :)

    @Pretty Me

    Yeah..!! agree
    Maybe i must remove that P.S :)

  5. thanks have no clue how happy ste, asbah n me feel seeing this baby of ours buzzing n bubbling with limitless energy...

  6. yes sandeep

    created this place with 3 people
    u ,mea and islez and today this baby is growing tall and big......

    hey arjun

    well written as i told u a different take usual u wre on with ur humour thing without kwning the girl anjali's emotions anfd feelings....

    *pats on ur shoulder*

  7. Tragic ending may be ... but whats the difference 'Arkun'? I mean, you need to finish it ... not just end it at her gate with a good night kiss - not at least after that aweful, silent ride ...

    Good Work ...

    Tan's waiting for your Happy Post!

  8. Arjun!!! awesome post!!!
    keep it up buddyyy!!!

  9. lovely post.. and i do agree with rashi..

    and yes sandy , steph n asbah u guys definitly deserve a pat on u r backs :) for gettin us all on this platform.. :) which is still growing..

  10. The Three Musketeers!
    Thanks for pulling us here … lol!

  11. I liked the story very much. the way he tried to cheer her up..very sweet. this contest was the best idea ever for WL.

  12. tall and big? hell no! its still young :) dear one!
    I have one issue with it though ste, i will resolve it later. back to the story, read the first line and i knew it is yours Arjun.. :) I have good instincts.

    you started with past tense and then jumped to present and then to past again in the first paragraph! didnt make sense!

    same in the second paragraph, if she HAD called you and asked for a favour, you should have BEEN there.

    t was only a while back that she had called me and said- “ Can you pick me n take me home now?” And here I WAS, as loyally as ever obeying her instructions.

    (as loyally as ever - hmm couldnt digest this one as well! was it said in a taunting way?)

    then it took pace - your story!
    the last line was jarring too..

    everytime it rain. Memories kill me. hmm!! just a suggestion, but then you will have to re-built it!

    *waits for your happy post*

  13. Thanks Asbah for pointing it out...
    Am glad and very happy infact.... Will make corrections..

    Thanks everybody.....
    Pls find the negatives n let me know.... :)


  14. wow.. nice story... the best part about it was that it was totally unpredictable...n the end unexpected... from what looked like a silly fight between a couple, it delved into something so serious and real..

    n i loved the last line... good work arjun..!!!

  15. p.s. sorry for commenting so late... technical


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