December 11, 2008

Miss you!

Not my official entry! Thats all I have to say for this piece! 

P: Hey baby.

R: Hiiii.. Why are you awake?

P:  Rushing to office now.

R: Aww. Poor you.

P: I know. But at least, I can talk to you. It has been a crazy week. The only time you are awake is when Im sleeping or in a meeting.

R: That’s work, ain’t it?

P: Babe, you are really growing up!

R: Haha. I think the rain is putting me in a good mood.

P: Raining there, is it? It’s dry as a desert here.

R: Yeah it’s been raining all day today. Throughout. I got late at college today. I just got back. Hectic day.


R:  Just hmm??

P: Just imagining you. Sitting at that window, your curls. Love them when they are wet. That black mug in your hand with steaming hot coffee.. I would do anything to be there.

R: Need a coffee?

P: Yeah! Just some coffee…

R: Ummm..How do you know that my hair is wet?

P: I doubt there has been a day when it rained and you didn’t get wet.

R: Hmm...Remember when we were together? 

P: I do remember you dragging me out of that shop when it suddenly started to rain saying, “it is going to get worse. Better leave now.” And as soon as we entered the hotel room, it stopped raining. That sheepish grin you had then..

R: It rained all weekend, didn’t it? Poor us had to stay inside all day long. Your itinerary wasted.

P: I had a better time inside……….. Do I see that sheepish grin again?

R: You see nothing.

P: I see you, baby. I see you……….. Shouldn’t you crash now?

R: Naa… The rain is making me feel all mushy.

P: I miss you too, babe.

R: It should rain more often.

P:  It should rain when it should. Or else, the crops will be affected…

R: Ok Shuush.

P: You changed the topic!

R: I want to go back to when we were together. I don’t like this.

P: This too will pass.

R: Fast.

P: It will.

R: I hate the rain.

P: Arre. Suddenly?

R: Makes me miss you, want you here, to be drenched with you.

P: If I too get wet, who will nurse your cold which I’m sure you are going to get tomorrow.

R: I love you.

P: I love you too. Just hang in there. We’ll make it through.

R: I know.

P: I really need to now. Getting late. See you soon.

R: See you really soon.




  1. awww.. rain does make one feel very musshhyy musshhyy.. hehe and cup of cuppa.. hnnmm just amazing.. :)

    lovely post.. :)

  2. u know as i read along, i was reminded of one similar conversation i had with someone very very close to my heart.
    it was very very realistic and yeah true...rain makes you very mushy!!
    loved it!!

  3. Thank you, guys!

    I wish I could explain what this post is! It aint true..Nor is it fiction... They aren't lovers nor are they friends.. Some things are best left unexplained..

    Ahhh these posts reminding me of the rains are making me go all weird in the stomach..Not good!

  4. i love rains? your post reminded me of all the conversations with raindrops tricking down the window pane...lovely post...wanted it to continue on and on...think that speaks of the connect your piece could establish with the reader...cheers!

  5. reminded me of myself ... no i dnt have any one to have mushy conversations but i do have a lot of rain-ful conversations to cherish ... i might try to revive one of them for my next post :)

    Thanks for this wonderful post Rashi !!

  6. wonderfully written...

    2 things i loved in this dialogue...

    1. Romance shown in a subtle manner - I love this.

    2. Extremely realistic and down-to-earth scenario taken to express a strong and a deep feeling in a very nice way.

    Now, if this was a conversation that happened in one's mind (i believe so)... then i must say... this is just the fragrance of a bud waiting to bloom..

  7. umm ..I liked your "clenser" more actually .....but this was a nice attempt :)

  8. cleanser was best

    but this romantic take on rain was good tooo

    super dialogues ....nice convo

  9. Good One R ... A good conversation .. wish P had some more time and we had some more space for you two to talk about ... Nay, its not about the rain ... I wanted to know what you guys did when you were together ... I just feel some way that you (R) were desperate to jump into that topic, but poor P - he had to go against their wish!!

    Good one ... finish it sometime ... when it rains again!

  10. aaaah!!! love and rain!! i am missing her even more! :(

  11. tsk, i sadly have no one to miss when it rains. I miss myself then.

    back to the post: perfect picture, one of the most amazing post. This one is going to have a lasting effect on me, it will rain here hair.

    secondly, I am very much straight, But i love your wet hair too :P

  12. lol Asbah ... what did you mean by the last line in your comment??

    @ The Lover, (Adi?)

    You need not find a perfect time to remember or miss 'HER', for she is always with you - she can never be far ...

    Secret: I never liked the phenomenon of MISSING Someone ... it's not rational

  13. Sandeep,

    All in love, have been in love, hope to be in love LOVE the rains! :)

    I hope there is a chance that this conversation continues sometimes...

    Pray for me!

  14. Pretty You,

    :D Neither do I have some1 to talk mushy things.... Can i have yr no?? :P

  15. @ Thirumal,

    In my mind..Yeah this is all in my mind..Being schizophrenic is much better than living in this reality

    Thanks a lot for your comments!

  16. @ Anurag

    Thats why that is my official entry ;)

  17. Stephen,

    thank you thank you.. :)

    We always have more space but P doesnt have time :(

    What was done together isnt a good topic of discussion in a public forum :P

    R loves talking about beautiful things but P rather avoid lest his weaker side come out and he might actually show emotions :P P rather avoid it..He has to be strong for both of them you see!!

  18. @ Lover,

    Like I said..All in love, have been in love or hoping to be in love LOVE the rains...*sigh*

  19. @ Asbo,

    Miss me when it rains..Now when it does. I will have a range of emotions thinking of all these posts!

    Secondly...Awww :)

    @ Tan,

    Is love rational? Or anything done in love rational?

  20. Thanks for not posting what happened there ...

    And Love is too much of irrational behaviour ... Docs says the behaviour is vivid in me for last 12 years!!! ;)

  21. @ Tan,

    My pleasure..Somethings are best left to imagination then explain and mess with all illusions!!! :P


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