December 7, 2008

Love and me!!!!

Love & me :

An irony of life I can never understand.

My love for him :

A feeling I can never justify.

His love for her :

My fate I can never change

His friendship with me :

An emotion I can never deny

My ever-growing feelings for him,
Her ever-growing love for her :

That's a tale I can never narrate or rectify.....


In the process of "LOVE",I realized that "Let people think what they want,It was never really my fault".

I also realized not to make anyone's past my present or future.
You cannot break a relationship to establish your own.
If you truly love someone,you ought to love his happiness more than yours.

I had always been as genuine as I was;He couldn't value my truth,my respect,my trust,my friendship or my love.He never bothered to understand my little gestures,my unsaid words & my silence.He wasted his time & his words on me.He could only say "We'll always be friends,no matter what."

When time asked for the proof to those promises,he was lost.
Lost because of destiny,Lost because of the blows of time,the fast-changing priorities of his life,the sidetracked relationship with me & not being strong enough to maintain a long-lasting relationship.

Words did not mean anything to him,My actions couldn't make him realize anything.He was so consumed in his own life & his busy schedules,social-professional relations that he did not have time to think about me.

Today I've lost a friend;I've lost the right to ask him what went wrong & to tell him how much he means to me...He's the one who has shown me how fast times have changed.It's a bit late to mend ways and sort out matters.After all,relationships are like glass & I've well-understood not to hurt myself for someone who never cared;& even if he did,it was all a farce..

A relationship I can never forget but a relationship he'll never remember.
I miss those moments with him,He doesn't even know they exist.
Whenever I pray I ask God to give him a good life;I have already made peace with the fact I wont be in it.


To you ... :-

You can change your present.
You can avoid me.
You can ignore me.
You can hurt me.
You can hate me.
You can be as indifferent as you can.
But always remember -
Some things are meant to be....
Some things which never change....
Some things you won't be able to change....
Those things are -

The memories you've given me;
The way you had made me feel;
Those smiles,those laughs;
Those jokes,those songs;
Your so-called words,My feelings;
The void after you left;
I promise it'll never be replaced;
Your place in my heart shall forever remain;
Those feelings for you shall always prevail;
My love for you will never fade.

If forever means eternity,
I won't miss this chance to say
My heart is yours,I'm all yours.
I belong to you,You belong to me till eternity.......

Note:-You're always going to have a place reserved in my heart,in case you ever want it back.

I don't care what the world thinks about it.



  1. i Utterly loved the post, but since i have discovered lately that i am a little selfish when it comes to sharing love, or for that matter people you love, i will disagree a little with your Point of view on loving.. but still an amazing read :)

  2. Loved every word. Beautiful.

  3. nice post !! and i loved the idea "i dnt care what the world thinks" ... :) but maybe it will be in a different context for me!

  4. nice post and the last lines were really good ...different

  5. Ahhh... Unrequited love... Love is a waste when not returned but how the hell do we tell that to our dumb dumb dumb hearts?

    I could relate to each word of your post. Everytime he says the word "Friends" in context to our relationship, I feel like I been punched in my stomach! I wish I could shake him and ask him to wake upto reality. My reality!

  6. love deciphered...loved it after a long time and its good to see talented writers join the bunch...welcome home ;P

  7. that was just awesome.. really brilliant..

    i have never read love being expressed so beautifully before.. and it was so well written and with a flow

    completely agree with sandeep on this one.. glad to have u here.. :)


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