December 8, 2008

Eternal Wait.

The red and orange merge together in perfect harmony, twilight cruises over the classic blue sky and dew drop settle exquisitely on the lush greens. Moazzin's Azan fills the air, the clouds sprinkle colors and winds shed love bountifully on the entire universe.

Today is the festive day.
Today is Eid.

She is clad in aqua, his favorite; wearing the turquoise earrings he has bought her two weeks back - with mascara on her large almond eyes, rogue and light pink gloss. She is beautiful and looking gorgeous. He loves it all; she and her little things - his turn-ons.
I've gotten myself a pink dress and no earrings, I am not wearing mascara and I am not beautiful. Yet, this is still a festive season, this is still Eid.

She loves what he likes, she ought to. I love waiting and watching and waiting my eternal wait.

She gives her hands in his and says "here, now take me to the rainbow's end".

For me, there has been no rain since then.


  1. * HUG * (You know why)

    Aqua is my fav colour too :)

    I wonder when certain people will realise and notice the small things we do for them. Maybe we just have to wait for the one who will notice.. maybe the noticing will make the wait and all the heartbreaks worthwhile or so I say to my heart, my broken yet trying to mend heart...

  2. yeah me on the wondering trip too.. of this and that rash! of being a victim of that heartbreaking businesses!

    me and eternal wait :)

    steeee!! lol mascara is something you apply on lashes to make them appear longer and more curled, google for it :P

  3. touching..extremely touching..
    and lol @ Ste..
    great to read you here Di..again!!

  4. oh yeah i will google it and huh shruti
    how am i supposed to knw all that things han

  5. are back...n! eternal wait...hmmm...loved the last two lines...take me to the rainbow's end...for me there has been no rain since then..encapsulating every single emotion you want to convey...

    Happy Eid islexxxx...Eid mubarak hermione.....unjinx ;P

  6. hehe, good you found out :P

    and thankyou!!

  7. wow wow.. Wonderful....
    It was like reading through a poem.. So beautifully expressed with lovely usage of words...Gr8


  8. loved the flow of the whole thing .....
    "here, now take me to the rainbow's end"....Loved the way it's ended .....
    One Word "Stunning"

  9. *blushes*

    hehe, thankyou!


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