December 7, 2008

Found love but still alone

It was beautiful evening, The brilliant colours of the sunset, the calm tranquility of the lake, sun was going down in the lake slowly as if the pure colours met the divine calmness and they formed a amazing view. The birds were flying back to the nest. Everything look perfect and at peace accept me. It started drizzling, for the first time in my life i was cursing rain, but still i sat there.

I heard a voice from behind it was her
She looked at me and told, "whats wrong". "nothings wrong" I said, and again started watching the surrounding.
"Than why did you come here leaving everyone".
She looked bit agitated now," Common now since morning i am seeing theres something that is disturbing you, atleast tell me, you cannot fool me by your fake smile"
I didnt respond. She was angry now as she was my best friend and she cared for me. 

"Fine", she said " I am going, if you enjoying staying upset like this go ahead, why should i spoil my mood"
i didnt respond. 
I was facing the lake and she got up. She was about to leave.
"She is having an affair" i said
"WHAT, its not possible who told you, are you serious"
"I know it since past three days, didnt tell anyone, i needed some time to think"
"but there is some mistake, how do you know"
"i saw her mails, shes cheating on me even talked with her, she accepted"
She sat besides me saying nothing, after a long discussion everything again was so calm.
"Now what", she said
"I have alread broked up, its all over"
"But she loved you so much, distance doesnt decrease love"
"Its over, i have thought a lot and i dont want to talk on this"

Dont know from where a tear started rolling out of my eyes, she noticed it. She had never seen me so down and out. She held my hand into hers. I looked at her She didnt say anything, but her eyes were telling me thats its fine, i am there with you.
Sun had set by now. The trees have stopped the whisper, Serenity writ over the lake. The sky was exeburant. Moon was looking down on us. She still was holding my hands. There was perfect silence around. we hadnt spoken for more than half an hour.

"You deserve someone much better", she said." Some one who loves you, cares for you and is always there with you"
i didnt say anything. I was just watching the reflection of moon in the water.
"Chintu", she said " i want to tell you something, i have never told you before."
"I love you"
I looked at her dont know what to respond.
"What are you thinking, say something" she said
"I have nothing to say, I just dont know what to say. i need some time alone"

She went away, it was all too much for me in one day. On one hand i have lost my first love, i was upset in pain.
She came and gave me some comfort, i thought i had a friend who cared for me so much all these years that she cannot see me in any sort of pain. But today i know all this years she loved me.
I had lost my love and also my best friend on same day because she was never my friend but always something else.
Surrounding was still divine, but lake was deserted, like the path of my life.


  1. since i love sunsets and sunrises, i loved the post from the begining straight away, picturesque description. but the paragraphs below lacked maturity, You have the talent and most amazing thing in the world - imagination. read more it will help you improve, your narration and your power to handle words.

    since i am reading your first post (i believe its first, i have a memory problem) welcome in :)

  2. oh thanks for your feed back, i really appreciate.
    its my 3rd actually previuos two were poems

  3. so well written ... love does ends friendship !!

  4. thank you.. Thats a bitter fact well was unfortunate to experience it :)

  5. a warm welcome from my side as well jack...some things kept me off this baby of ours...but it feels great to be back and see new writers join the fold...good post...i dont agree with you on one point though...the character/narrator in your story mentions he lost his first love and best friend on same day...if your best friend turns out to be you lover, will she cease being your best friend? i think the "best friend" tag stays on even after you break up with that person...keep posting...cheers!


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