December 12, 2008

A Trance!

Holding a cup of coffee I was looking out through the window. Patto ke arr se girte huwe baris ki bonddo me laga jese ki jindegi ke kuch pall gum ho jeye. OH! Barish ki bundo me to Love Story chupi hoti hai na?

It was Monday morning; through the rain I was on the way to office. The traffic was heavy and slow moving. OH! I could hardly hold my frustration. Nothing worse could have happened; I was stuck in a traffic signal and the traffic was not moving. I was late for the office. Dimag kaharab hojaya. Bagal me ek add board pe nazar pari, us me likha that “Bheja Fry to 7up Try”. What rubbish!

I was looking around to find a spot to come out of the traffic some how. My eyes stopped at the girl waiting in the traffic with her Scotty. Fore a moment I was lost and only one song was coming to my mind “Aaza Meri Gadi me beth ja…. Aaza Meri Gadi me beth ja…” We were moving at the same pace. The way she looked after she was wet in the rain; I just could not resist myself from falling in love. Couldn’t have asked for more in that traffic. Her left eyebrow was raised with anger and baris ki bunde us ke ballo ko chute huwe gir rahi thi. The blue salwar look just the right choice at that moment. Pulkho me jame huwe basrish ki bunde, aur, aur, aur...!

Suddenly I heard a very familiar sound “Sale Kumbhkaran aur kitna sowega. Office nahi jana hai kiya. Uth ja. Uth sale.” The sound was coming closer and was getting louder I looked behind and suddenly it vanished. So again I looked at the girl she was gone. I came out of the car to find her but she was gone. Again I heard “Sale Kumbhkaran aur kitna sowega. Office nahi jana hai kiya. Uth ja. Uth sale”. I could recognize it is the annoying sound of my cell phone alarm and I discovered my self in the same old bed. I looked at the watch it was 9AM and I was really late for the office.

Word Count: 367


  1. really well bro

    shud say that it was a nice concept....

    the hindi english combo was worth appreciating .......certain grammar mistakes in btw

    but nicely written,...

  2. a story with a desi touch...!! well done!!!

  3. Hi Rakib,

    This is Tan, a new creature here ...

    Tell me, was it raining when you woke up from the sleep? hahahaha ...

    I just checked the rules for the Contest - no where it was written that the story must be in English ... so, cant say anything on that - A Deshi touch could have been given in English also, I feel ...

    Anyways ... reading you felt like I'm reading myself - this kind of dreams happened to me at least 365 times till now ... lol ...

    Thanks for sharing the write-up ...

  4. But, if you had to write in Hindi - I mean use Hindi words in between, why didnt you use the Convert tool - to convert those parts into Hindi?? Hmmmm ... point!

    PS: For those who has this thought:
    A person who would not read Hindi may not understand it as well ... :P

  5. hey Nice one Rakib..Good flow!! Can i borrow ur alarm tone??its really awesome!

  6. Hai thanks every1.. for your comments..
    Tan: i appreciate you views man….. next time I will look for some more desi style in a real desi way.. .

  7. hehe that was lovely.. and it had a nice desi touch.. :)

  8. Next Time Rakib ... Thanks for reading my comment ... i did not went unnoticed this time ... ;)

  9. @TAN,,,, ohh.... no bro,,, u entered with a big boom,,,,,

    Hashan told me that u know Assamis too.... val lagil......

    @Ani…. Thanks for your comments….

  10. Ya ya .. boom!!

    Hehehe ... Muro bhal lagise, ahomiya paai iyaat...

    However, I'm not Assamese ... I'm a Bengali ... :)

  11. ha ha !! loved this one !!!! i have just woken up n now trying to remember my dream :)


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