January 1, 2012

Please, come back!

If only you can see me this way,
I believe you will come back
If only you could feel the pain, I feel
I am sure you will come back…

If only I could tear my heart apart and show
If only I could have said that simple, ‘No’
If only I could make you smile, for once,
… I know, you would come back!

Happy New Year, my friends here in WL. This is just a call to all those who used to be here and now, life has swung them apart. Wish this new year would see us all back here, in our own place, where we belong to. Please, come back!


  1. Tan dada... so nice to hear from you.. :)... happy new year!!!... i most certainly feel we all should start blogging again... but everyone has got other priorities now.. lets hope atleast people drop in sometimes .. it's really good to hear from old friends... trust you are doing great... stay in touch!! :)

  2. happy new year tan dada
    we should come again its time for all of us not only one or two person to come back.

    think positive

  3. If we could see or feel the pain that others bear, we would be far more compassionate in our words and actions. I followed over from Alex's blog. Have a lovely 2012, Roland

  4. Nice :)
    If only the old writers at the lunge could feel how much they are missed by everyone here, they surely would all come back :)
    Happy new year to you too :)

  5. :)
    succinct yet impressive.

    keep it goin;)

  6. Comments are Sexy!!!!!??????

    LOL :D

    I just saw this today!

    Yes, I do believe its time for us to come back in some sort. I know it is not easy, as I can see myself getting the farthest!

    But still, I would wish to lounge around again, the way we used to. I am not asking only a few should come back - a few, does not make the family.

    I am not denying that the family has gone bigger since long now. Everyone is a part of this extended family here - new or old. When I come here, I would like to see both the old and the new generations taking part and contributing, the way it used to be...

    See you guys. Love You All ♥ ♥ ♥


Comments are sexy.